DovBear Apologizes

As some of you may know, an anonymous blogger has found instances of plagiarism committed by uber-JBlogger DovBear. DovBear has apologized and corrected many of the 14 posts in question. (At least two examples given by DB’s antagonist were not plagiarism at all.) DB notes that his antagonist did not contact him with the allegations – he simply put up a blog attacking DB and sent an email announcing it to 53 JBloggers, including myself.

DB has done the proper thing and both apologized and fixed any posts that were questionable. And DB added this:

… I am hereby extending two invitations. First, to DovWeasel: Sir, though you chose to go about this in a roundabout way, I am inviting you to come into the open and to face my readers directly. You are welcome, at any time, to submit a guest post to this blog which presents your point of view. Provided that what you write is true and fair it will be published unedited. I sincerely hope that you accept this invitation.

Second, to the readers of this blog: In the past, we’ve had a fine time pillorying all sorts of villians -some large, some small – in the comments of this blog. Now, I suppose it’s my turn. Fair is fair, after all. You are invited, therefore, to make your thoughts and opinions known here, in the comments of this post. As usual, they will not be edited, or deleted. As usual, I expect fierce debate and cutting commentary as ideas are vigirously exchanged. Tha[t], above all, is what this blog is about, after all, and I hope it will be always thus.


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7 responses to “DovBear Apologizes

  1. Anonymous

    And your next Rosenberg, cant wait what they turn up on you muhahahahaha.

    And if you think nothing think again.

  2. Anonymous coming soon
    complete with pics of scotty walking out of a sex shop.

  3. anon

    Isn’t that what Yaakov Avinu did in the Parsha? Who are you? Did you post pictures of the awareness center’s molester rabbis and other trusted officials?


    fill in the blanks

    check out the Jewish survivors of sexual abuse web site if you want to have your eyes opened or perhaps Rabbi Horowitz’s site. Even if the author of this blog did something like the above is it against halacha?

  4. Yos

    He loosely paraphrased other blogs without citation. This is plagarism? It’s a blog! Most blogs just link news stories and have passing comments.

  5. Anonymous

    Is he Dovi Shiner?


    Look for this and other articles in my new magazine things I don’t give a shit about.

  7. Anonymous

    just because something isnt against halacha doesnt mean it can’t make you look like an ass

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