Haredi Rabbi’s Fraud Caught On Video

Remember that haredi rabbi who illegally used police lights and sirens to get through traffic in NYC, not for any emergency, but for everyday business. Someone has posted the CBS video of this creep on YouTube:

Best part? The guy’s a diamond dealer.

[Hat Tip: Leah, who has an interesting post on this, as well.]



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11 responses to “Haredi Rabbi’s Fraud Caught On Video

  1. zatlas

    I only may repeat my post when I’ve noticed that most all the pu–s in the ceremony where the governor of NJ signed the Civil Union into a law were of our tribe:
    “Our enemies see, register and will remember that fact in what they call “day of reckoning”.
    Be afraid, very afraid!”

  2. shmuel

    Just another example of a charedi who is just too good, too important, to have to sit in traffic like the rest of us. Here’s a man who just learned a new pshat in “there is an eye which sees, an ear that ears, and everything is recorded…”

  3. Do you have permission from CBS to post this?

  4. It’s on YouTube. Do you have permission to run red lights using illegal sirens? To risk other’s lives for your own convenience? Oh, I forgot – you’re haredi.

  5. Steven

    Zatlas put it very well. With disgusting arrogant rabid “rabbis” like this, who needs “goy” enemies? It amazes me to see just how low these scumbags can go in civic and religious corruption, perversion and distortion.

    And then “they” wonder why there is a 50% intermarriage rate! Stop blaming the non-Orthodox and start looking in the mirror you haredi, hasid, hypocrites!

  6. Neo-Conservaguy

    Far be it for me to defend the insane antics of heredim, but is this guy representative of a group, or just an example of personal failure? Every group has it’s crazies, folks.

    Either way, it’s great to see someone doing these things busted!

  7. Yochanan Lavie

    Where can I get those lights and sirens? I hate driving in heavy traffic!

  8. Stephen Mendelsohn


    Note all of the rabidly antisemitic (and vulgar) comments on the YouTube site, below the video. The video was posted to YouTube by a neo-Nazi Aryan supremacist. This is what such a despicable chilul HaShem by haredim leads to. People like “Rabbi” Isaac Heschel are only aiding and abetting the worst of our people’s enemies.

  9. Sweet! This rav was caught in the act, like a child with his hand in the cookie jar. Good work, Shmarya. The YouTube Revolution is doing wonders for the cause of justice!

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