Simon Wiesenthal Baptized By Mormons


Gary Motokoff of reports that the Mormon Church has posthumously baptized Simon Wiesenthal.



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4 responses to “Simon Wiesenthal Baptized By Mormons

  1. Maybe we could spite the Mormons by posthumously cursing Brigham Young?

  2. Rochel

    Who cares? I get angry when Jews try to interfere with the beliefs of other religions. Let the Mormons do whatever they want. By objecting to the “baptism” we are in fact giving their religion more credibility, as if the baptism really means something.

    Do we want non-Jews to tell us how to live our faith? Would we tolerate that? I’m sick of double standards to tell you the truth. Are we willing to listen to objections to our Pesach Haggadah or celebration of Purim? When people do that we call them an anti-Semite. So let’s give the Mormons the same courtesy please. I seriously doubt such a “baptism” would have any real consequences in the larger scheme of things.

  3. Jim the Catholic

    Mormons are not considered Christians by Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, or Protestants. (thought the ones I’ve met seem nice).
    They are to us what JEWS FOR JESUS are to you lot.

    Of course if one disbelieves in all other religons except one’s own then why should anyone care what a “false” religion does?

    “False” being defined here as the religion other than the one you believe.

  4. Rochel- from my admittedly secular viewpoint, the issue with the baptisms is less that they somehow affect the spirits of the departed, but rather that the Mormon church doesn’t care about the sensitivities of other religions, obfuscates when confronted on this issue, and continually LIES about discontinuing the practices for some groups (Holocaust sufferers esp.) every few years to get advocacy groups off their back.

    It’s not about the dead. They’re dead and gone. It’s about the people still around. I would compare it to pissing on a grave. The dead person doesn’t care; they can’t. But their friends and relatives sure do. Neo-nazis think it’s cool to spray swastikas on Jewish tombstones. Jews don’t. Technically, that’s illegal because they’re defacing property that doesn’t belong to them, but I would suggest that the offense there has little to do with the physical damage. The Mormon baptisms are fairly analogous, and while I wouldn’t suggest they be made illegal, I think it’s unfortunate that the Mormons write off those complaints so easily.

    Furthermore, OF COURSE people have a right to object to elements of other religions they find offensive. Sometimes those suggestions even lead to real change (see Vatican II).

    The problems with the baptisms goes far beyond the theological.

    I’ll have a post on this in a few minutes.

    Jim- See above. You can think a religion is as false as anything but still have a bone to pick with it if it’s disrespecting your dead.

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