Chabad Rabbis Fight Over Brooklyn Turf

Debra Nussbaum Cohen, writing for NY Magazine, has a brief piece on the fight between the Hecht family and the Lubavitch Youth Organization over Brooklyn turf. Cohen manages to write this piece without noting that LYO is messianist and the Hechts are not. The Hechts are allies of Rabbis Yehuda Krinsky and Avraham Shemtov. LYO are their opponents. Cohen normally writes for the NY Jewish Week, whose coverage of Chabad has been marked by heavy doses of sugar coating.



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8 responses to “Chabad Rabbis Fight Over Brooklyn Turf

  1. Closeted

    It is overly simplistic to paint this dispute as a spillover of the messianic vs. anti-messianic arguments… As Rabbis Shimon Hecht, Tali Frenkel, and Arie Kirshenbaum are far from (overt?) messianism. This is a simple territorial battle over a neighborhood that abuts Shimon Hechts. The question being is it part of Hecht’s “parish” affording him the “right” to minister to the community, or was it never ceded to him, so Tzach would directly appoint a representative.

  2. Markwatcher

    Where do you see LYO in the article ?

  3. Casriel Castel is the daily head of LYO.

  4. Ma Rabbi

    Rabbi Kasriel Kastel, note the correct spelling, is a very nice man. He is the head of LYO. He is not a Meshicist.

  5. He believes the Rebbe is the messiah. I spoke with him about this in great detail about a year before I was booted out.

  6. Ma Rabbi

    What yesr were you ” booted out”?

  7. Thre years ago this coming March.

  8. far out

    this is like california where people have been brought into a very established but struggling [ $$$$$ ]area , against the wishes of the local shluchim…..

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