Delusion In Chabad

Ha’aretz reports:

At the world center of Chabad Hasidism in Brooklyn, New York, the afternoon service is about to begin. Like many other events held at ultra-Orthodox venues these days, someone there photographed the worshipers with
his cellular telephone’s video camera. As is customary, at the center, dozens of Hasidim crowded against the sides of the hall, making a path for the Lubavitcher Rebbe to pass. The members of this messianic group have been doing this for years, in the belief that their late rabbi continues to attend the prayer services, as he did before his death. Suddenly, the screen on the man’s cell phone shows a stooped, elderly figure with a white beard and a hat, walking quickly between the Hasidim.

"The Chabad rabbi walks among the people as if alive," states the film’s title ( ), and the Chabad portal ( ) declares that the Rebbe began revealing himself on the 25th of the Hebrew month of Heshvan (November 16, 2006).

"After 12 long years in which our detractors ridiculed us, here is the clearest proof that our teacher is alive," wrote one surfer.Other participants in the ultra-Orthodox forums throughout the Web were more skeptical, referring to the incident as one more indication of the "false messianism" of some Chabad Hasidim. During the week following the distribution of the video clip, however, something happened that shed light on the previous week’s event. It turned out the elderly man captured by the camera is one of Chabad’s activists in Israel, who wanted to leave the hall and used the path. Still, even after the logical explanation, some people persisted in their belief.

"I still contend it is the Rebbe," wrote one participant in "B’Hadrei Haredim" (in the Haredi inner sanctum) in the Hebrew portal "Hyde Park," the most popular Internet forum among the ultra-Orthodox. "It is simply impossible that everyone is clearly visible and only this image, which resembles the Rebbe, looks like a glowing soul."…



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18 responses to “Delusion In Chabad

  1. Neo-Conservaguy

    “After the Lord Jesus had spoken to them, he was taken up into heaven and he sat at the right hand of God. Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it.”

    This is a once in a millennium chance to watch the creation of a new religion – and it’s playing out so close to the script of 1800-2000 years ago it’s scary.

  2. D

    “This is a once in a millennium chance to watch the creation of a new religion…”

    I would not worry about that too much until they start asserting that halacha does not apply anymore and that faith alone suffices. That is ultimately what happened with the Nazarenes and the followers of Shabtai Tzvi. Barring that, nobody is violating halacha by believing in something silly (and this IS silly 8-P).

  3. Anonymous

    I showed that to my Chabad rabbi. He said the guy who runs that site is crazy and not to be taken seriously.

  4. Yos

    I agree with Neo. It’s not as bad as Xtianity or Zvism, but it’s definitely becoming a new religion. New applications or Halacha, if not negation. Sad but interesting to behold.

  5. D

    “but it’s definitely becoming a new religion.”

    Perhaps. IMHO, it will end up being no less a new religion than “snagdism”, “Na-Nach-Nachmanism”, Ortho-Zionism, “Krumkeit” etc. Each of these is similarly rife with “New applications of Halacha”. Could someone please show where in ChaZaL the modern notion of “Da’as Torah” is supported in the least, just for one? Betcha dollars to donuts it’s just as cryptic as support for Moshiach coming from one who already lived.

    I plan on just tolerating and ignoring the wierdness.

  6. Nigritude Ultramarine

    Caught on tape! I love it. It reminds me of the early Bigfoot footage.

  7. Anonymous

    U mean you don’t believe it’s the Rebbe.

    I mean the Almighty.

    God incarnate?

    Let me hear you say it, “I believe!”

  8. rebeljew


    The formation of Christianity took many centuries. We are only 12 years in and we already have deification, albeit on a very small scale so far. I am sure it was so in year 1.

  9. ira kaufman

    was he on a bicycle?

  10. Anonymous

    it is an intresting religion they have, the come up with new halachs every day. like the custom of takeing off your shoes when you go to the tomb of the rebbe.

  11. I’m a crazy messianist, it’s true i am, and i believe the new religion you are seeing develop is eventually going to be much bigger than Christianity.

  12. Yochanan Lavie

    I wanna start my own religion, too.

  13. Yochanan Lavie

    I wanna start my own religion, too.

  14. Anonymous

    max stay off the drugs

  15. B”H
    Common Delusions in Judaism:
    1)Asking 2 angels to bless us Friday night at the Shabbos table.
    2)Opening a door and pouring a cup of wine for Eliyahu the prophet at Passover Seider.
    many other similar customs that many children and people with emunah pshutah take only on literal level.
    Rashi on Shmot reinforces this by advising to teach children that Hashem smote Egyptian firstborn with His literal hand – “yad Hashem mamash” seemingly in violation of the 13 ikrim of the Rambam banning the belief that G-d mamash (literally) has hands and body parts and bodily functions vision movement etc.
    An early Elokist extremist Rabbi Rabbeinu Gershom commenting on Bava Basra 75 B Bava Basra 75b framed .jpg “Hashem mamash ikrahu” that Moshiach will literally be called YHVH. etc.
    The only salvation we have is to take Rambam literally (ignoring that he lived in Suny Islam teritory in time when rationalist philosophy was dominant especially among the upper classes like the Sultan and his nobility he was healing and by his own admission wanted to package the Torah in a way that would also appeal to the gentiles of his time- (read propaganda)and listen to our saviors Shmaryah , RebelJew Dr. Berger and excommunicate all 5 year old children who learn Rashi and Chareidim and Chabad etc. and after that watch our kids lose interest and enthusiasm in Judaism and blend in the surrounding enlightened nations and cultures to take communion and do other emotionaly charged customs we have just banned out of Judaism.
    PS. While we are at it let’s listen to Shmaryah and teach 5 year old Jewish kids and BTs that while lighting Hanukah candles are a beautiful custom according to Shmarya’s deductions it’s based on rabbinic fairy tale.
    PPS. Let’s take Rashbam’s commentary on the Torah the part regarding the meaning of tieing it on our hands and placing it on our heads etc. as halocha and do away with literal mitzvah of teffilin despite it’s many alleged benefits and the value of emotional reinforcement and continueing a holy tradition Jews sometimes gave up lives to practice.
    PPPS. After we do all this we will surely find many Jews left who are willing to go teach others to observe remaining practical commandments instead of simply running away from this sinful world meditating on the greatness of G-d etc. as the Rambam writes.
    When all of this happens The nations will finally see the holyness and light of Jewish people whose leaders will look like totally boring rationalist nerds explaining Torah according to litteral meaning of Moreh Nevuchim-Guide of the Perplexed of the Rambam making the audiences fall asleep….:-)

  16. Anonymous

    ariel who the hell are you to compare youreself to rashi or other minhagim that chazal made

  17. Nigritude Ultramarine

    1)Asking 2 angels to bless us Friday night at the Shabbos table.

    It’s only a delusion if you claim to see them.

    2)Opening a door and pouring a cup of wine for Eliyahu the prophet at Passover Seider.

    That’s right, in the event he shows up to announce the arrival of Moshiach. Do you really believe he dashes inside your house like Flash Gordon?

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