Save Two Lives

As many of you know, Rick Hodes is a ( Modern Orthodox) Jewish doctor who lives and works in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He heads the JDC’s operations there and also serves as attending physician (without pay) at Sister Theresa’s Orphanage. He’s saved many lives and been written about extensively.

Dr. Rick does much of his work without pay. He begs for medicines and plane tickets, imports his own medicines, and relies on the kindness of others to help him succeed.

I propose that we, the readers of this blog and JBloggers in general, adopt Dr. Rick and raise some money to help him. $1400 will provide anti-cancer drugs for two children (he has 25 now waiting for treatment) and $400 will pay for one year of school for each of them. A total of $1800 will save two children.

I’ve set up a way for us to donate. (Please see below.) All contributions are tax deductible in the US. If you want to place this button on your blog or website, email me (see the right sidebar for the address) and I’ll send you the code. Thanks!

UPDATE: 1/11/07 – The $1800 has been raised! You can still donate by emailing me. Every extra dollar will help desperately ill children in Addis Ababa.


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17 responses to “Save Two Lives

  1. Anonymous

    Not to sound heartless, but I always hear (if my memory serves me correct) about those goups that can feed, clothe and educate a child for pennies a day. I understand the high cost for cancer treatment, but $400 for education seems like a lot more than other groups offer. Just wondering.

  2. B”H
    Shmaryah it’s all well and good and I wish you much success in this fundraising appeal but why don’t you also raise money to help our fellow Jews cruelly thrown out of their homes in Gush Katif more than a year ago some of whom are still living in hotels suffering from depression lacking jobs etc.?
    How many times I forwarded you articles on this topic and how many have you posted?!
    Hashem didn’t make this blog popular primarily as a venue to badmouth Chareidim and Chabad (and send me tons of traffic thru various links you included in here and those I put in the comments:-) there is a deeper reason for it.
    Use this popularity while you have it to also help our poor brothers and sisters in the Holy Land of Yisrael.
    Instead of simply bashing Chareidim as you say “consigning people to poverty” sugest Chareidi organizations that don’t act this way. That is if you truly care about these Chareidi man and women at least as much as you do about these poor African children.
    If you care about the displaced people in Sudan your shouldn’t descriminate and spill at least as many tears for more than 8000 Jews men women and children thrown out of Gush Katif…
    Please think about my words for I’m not trying to mock you or lay a guilt trip on you just hoping to see a revelation of your Jewish heart and soul to an even greater degree than I have seen it revealed thus far.

  3. Ariel –

    If those poor Jews had taken their government settlements and left Gush Katif peacably, they would not be suffering today. Let the rabbis who told them to stay and fight pay for their suffering today.


    Anaonymous –

    Read the linked articles. And stop wondering about people who are better than you.

  4. Anaonymous

    “If those poor Jews had taken their government settlements and left Gush Katif peacably, they would not be suffering today. Let the rabbis who told them to stay and fight pay for their suffering today.”

    That is the most heartless thing I have ever heard. What you are saying is, “If Jews happened to make a bad decision, then too bad, let them suffer, not my problem” right Shmarya? You are such a damn hypocrite.

  5. No. What I’m saying is, they’re not my first priority. Let the NRP and Chabad rabbis who told them to stay raise money and pay for their new homes.

  6. Yochanan Lavie

    This is apples and oranges. If you like, why not donate to both causes? Tzedekah is not a zero sum game. (Unless the complainers have a hidden agenda against Ethiopian Jews…)

  7. I agree with Yochanan. If you want to raise money for another cause, do so on your own site, and we will all give, or not give, as we are so inclined. I promise not to post a comment on your site asking how much you gave to Shmarya’s campaign.

  8. Anonymous

    “If those poor Jews had taken their government settlements and left Gush Katif peacably, they would not be suffering today. Let the rabbis who told them to stay and fight pay for their suffering today.”

    Like the Goverment took care of the North when the Katushas fell??? May we be zoche to watch you drop deader then Sadaam and fall a shorter distance getting there. Amen ve Amen.

  9. Funny. Everyone who stayed in Gush KAtif knew they were losing their government compensation by staying. They stayed because rabbis told them to. They lost.

    Who should pay for this, for the millions and millions of dollars the forced evacuation cost? For the damage done to the IDF and the country?

    If you want to help these people who caused so much damage, whose children threw blinding chemicals and rocks on the heads of Israeli soldiers, do it. I don’t want to. They’re not repentant. They haven’t done teshuva.

    Further, the rabbis who did this to them live quite well. You do the math.

    And Yochanan is correct – raising the issue here in post meant to help poor dying BLACK children reeks of racism. You don’t want that smell associated with Gush Katif? Then shut up.

  10. By the grace of G-d
    Shalom everybody!
    So a bunch of traitorous scum makes an offer “you can’t refuse” under the color of the law.
    An offer accepting which involves major chilul Hashem – desecration of G-d’s name. The people who reject this offer don’t deserve help?!
    They and their children?!
    Damn that government and damn people who dare think like this!
    May they join Ariel Sharon in their punishment.
    And may those who till now refuse to show compassion to their brothers and sisters return to Hashem in complete repentance now, or may it be His will that they should end up having to pawn their last silver kidush cup to able to eat.
    May it be G-d’s will all the curses which my holy ancestors the Rebbes of Karlin and Chernobyll placed on the evildoers of their times be transferred on the heads of these people in particular since the blessing asking the informers, traitors and wicked to be punished precedes the reward of the righteous and the blessings related to the restoration of the house of David and redemption may Hashem have no mercy on those that had no mercy since kind words seem to have no effect on them perhaps the only chance for them to do teshuvah is thru harsh judgement like the Lubavitcher Rebbe-Almighty explains in his prophetic talks about the war in Iraq and it’s aftermath that Yerushalaim and the 3rd Holy Temple shall be rebuilt davka thru destruction of those who stand in oposittion to holynes.

    With respect and blessing.

    Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky
    Chabad Lubavitch Beis Moshiach Center of Greater Boston and Portland Oregon

  11. Yochanan Lavie

    Rabbi Ariel: All well & good, but what about the poor starving Black children, who are the original subjects of this post? Maybe charity begins at home, but it doesn’t end there.

  12. B”H
    Shalom Yochanan!
    Did you actually read my 1st post?
    I’m all for that.
    I fact I personally helped a young family with Ethiopian Jewish father and Russian Jewish mother who came to Boston medical treatment for their kid and hospital demanded kings ransom of 100 thousand dollars and Jewish organizations except Bostoner Rebbe’s ROFEH International didn’t help much.
    I helped them to get media attention to raise money and to pressure the hospital to reduce the price 80% which they did.
    I agree with him that more needs to be done to help Ethiopian Jews and that some in the Jewish community are ignoring them sometimes out of ignorance and sometimes out of racism.
    My point is he admits that he doesn’t want to help these people on principle because they refused to obey illegal and immoral orders of the wicked and heretical Sharon’s government scum and were robbed blind of the market value of their homes farms businesses not to mention severe emotional trauma etc.
    No different than Spanish Jews in 1492 who were also given a few months to voluntarily sell their property at liquidation sale prices (since everyone was forced to sell at the same time) and leave the country or if not were thrown out at the last moment and the fact that in this case the evildoers were Jewish and some of the enforcers wore kippas makes it harder to bear.

    he hates them because they have faith that G-d gave us the holy land as eternal possession which he lost.
    He hates them because they refused to submit to his democratically elected idols. Because they didn’t worship the golden calf the golden buldozer actually the way he does.
    So for this they must suffer?!
    Thus I’m saying that their salvation will come from another place but Shmaryah and his fathers house shall lose out (to paraphrase what Mordechai told Esther) and not only him but so called mainstream Jewish American organizations who reportedly are also ignoring these people. Organizations who supported the expulsion in the 1st place. May they go broke and have their leadership replaced by G-d fearing Jews loyal to G-d not the prime minister of the state of Israel who will spend their money to develop the Jewish character of Israel and their own local communities giving directly to good causes bypassing corrupt Zionist institutions snubbing politicians who even as much as think of speaking with terrorists giving away land or doing other abominable things.

    With respect and blessing.
    Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky
    Beis Moshiach Chabad Lubavitch Center of Greater Boston and Portland Oregon

  13. Yochanan Lavie

    Thank you for your response.

  14. Scam Alert is an example of who really needs help from gush katif. shame on you scotty you dont care about the ethiopians either youre just a meshiguner who latches onto a cause to beat those who are better than you and make an excuee for your pwn lousy life

  15. By the grace of G-d
    Dear readers!
    Please join me in giving a donation to this cause. Even as little as $2 or $5 will still add up and make a difference and will also demonstrate the true unity of the Jewish people for even when we have deep ideological differences the human lives are at stake.
    And the people who constantly make fun of Shmaryah for caring for Ethiopian Jews should give more money as a way to overcome their bad character trait and comply with Rav Moishe Feinstein’s ruling.
    Have a Gut Shabbos everybody!
    With respect and blessing.
    Rabbi Ariel Sokolovsky
    Beis Moshiach Chabad Lubavitch Center of Greater Boston and Portland Oregon

  16. Sokolovsky writes (in the same post):

    a) Damn that government and damn people who dare think like this!

    b) With respect and blessing.

    Make up your mind.

  17. B”H
    Shalom Warren!
    There is no contradition.
    “With respect and blessing” is adressed to readers of the post in general and it possibly applies to many of the the “evildoers” if they have done teshuvah by the time they see this post and are now tzadikim.
    Hard to see what’s so unclear about that.:-)
    PS. As far as the evil government that did this and the people who who think like that I stand by my comments. And the last verses of Yeshayahu 66 will be fulfulled on them and other evildoers because G-d called nicely for many years and they didn’t listen

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