4th Victim of Rabbi Kolko Comes Forward

The New York Post confirms what I reported yesterday:

January 5, 2007 — A Brooklyn yeshiva has been slapped with a fourth sex lawsuit, this one alleging it covered up the abuse of a young pupil by a highly regarded rabbi.
The suit, filed yesterday in Brooklyn Supreme Court on behalf of an underage "John Doe," accuses Yeshiva Torah Temimah of covering up a sex attack by Rabbi Yehuda Kolko during the 2004-2005 school year. It seeks $10 million from the yeshiva.
Lawyers for Kolko and the yeshiva, facig four suits by five students, declined comment.


Filed under Crime, Haredim, Mikva Abuse

5 responses to “4th Victim of Rabbi Kolko Comes Forward

  1. shmuel

    Ken yirbu (the lawsuits, not the victims). Let’s drive them into bankruptcy.

  2. Anon

    The suit doesn’t exactly allege what the Post claims it does.

  3. Fifth victim Shmarya, but who is counting.

  4. Shmarya,

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  5. Thomas Melchior

    It’s really nice to see this being blown wide open.

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