Haredi Crime Watch?

1. The New York Post reports:

A Brooklyn woman collected more than $170,000 in welfare benefits over a seven-year period, a stretch during which she and her husband owned four buildings, prosecutors charged yesterday.
Orna Baruch, 37, was charged with grand larceny, welfare fraud and filing a false instrument in connection with the food stamps and Medicaid benefits she received between 1999 and last year. She was released on her own recognizance.…

[C]ty records show she and husband Chaim Baruch owned four Brooklyn buildings over the period, in Sheepshead Bay, Marine Park and Mill Basin.

Six-figure mortgages on two of the properties, including the Mill Basin mansion the couple currently inhabits, were entirely paid off, the records indicated.

[Hat Tip: Dr. R-F.]

2. The AP, via the New York Post, reports:

The state has settled a 2002 lawsuit charging a Brooklyn adult home’s former operators with forcing its residents to live in deplorable conditions.

Martin Rosenberg and Baruch Mappa are barred from owning or operating a licensed adult-care facility or any residential facility or program for the mentally disabled.

In addition, Elizabeth Rosenberg, ex-administrator of the 346-bed Canarsie home, Seaport Manor, is barred from operating or serving as an administrator, consultant or employee of an adult-care facility, the officials said.

How many of these criminals are Orthodox? Haredi? I don’t know. Do you?


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6 responses to “Haredi Crime Watch?

  1. Scam Alert

    mill basin is not a charedi area and that nursinghome crap is old news. your blog is der shturmer you creepy lowlife.

  2. Ploney

    Yeah, the first couple sounds Israeli, not specifically chareidi.

  3. ed

    >How many of these criminals are Orthodox? Haredi?

    Sounds like you’re “chaloshing” to hear that they are Haredi.

    What are you? a jew hater?

  4. They are so called Haredi thieves. Old man Mappa has been stealing from the Gov. since he got off the boat in Ellis Island. Actually, people said he try to steal the boat.

  5. ed

    >They are so called Haredi thieves.

    So MO MAN’s also a Haredi hater?

  6. Isa

    Hmmm: $24,000 a year welfare fraud hmmm best way to get funds must be to have a large number of kids hmmm Would secular have larger number of kids these days?
    “”””your blog is der shturmer you creepy lowlife.””” Hey scam alert! this criminal stuff creates anti-semites, quit blaming Shymara

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