The Third Temple


My old friend Chaim Clorfene has constructed scale models of the Third Temple (following the Ramchal’s understanding), and has published a book with detailed plans and models. Here’s a sample page from the book:


He lectures around the world using a PowerPoint presentation. He lives in Tzefat, but is in Chicago now and will be there for several more months, so now is a good time to have him speak in the US and Canada. You can reach him through his website.



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7 responses to “The Third Temple

  1. Yochanan Lavie

    I liked the Second Temple model from Holyland Hotel better. It was more aesthetically pleasing. Although we can’t build the third temple yet, I think architects should seriously design it. This is one of the issues I am not an apikorus about- I really wish we had a place for pilgrimage other than a wall. But I don’t want to start a global war, just to build it.

  2. Neo-Conservaguy

    Better you should plant the sapling.

  3. It just seems a little lest than environmentally friendly – it’s not an ‘Eco’ build.

    there is no glass and the majority of the structure is above ground.

    What does this say about “God’s” building choice?

    Does God not care about living in an enviromentally responsible house that is Carbon Neutral?

  4. Yos

    Looks like Vegas.

  5. Conservative aspikoris

    But what happens if Rubashkin gets the concession to shecht the sacrificial animals? (Or which there are no signs in these over-sanitized drawings.)

  6. Keep on fantasizing about your house-on-a-hill. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the real world.

  7. frummeyid

    Shmarya, please let us more about your worldview. I don’t get it (and yes, I read the about me portion of your website). Third temple true (or is it just an oddity) but mesorah up for grabs?

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