An Idea Whose Time Has Come? A Shadchan For the Rest Of Us

BTA reports:

I’ve gotten word of an idea whose time is long overdue- a Formerly Frum/Ex-BT/Or Simply Skeptical Shadchan blog- for setting up men and women with similar worldviews, don’t buy frumkeit hook, line and sinker, but see the benefits in a tradition-based marriage.

No Need to Go "All the Way" Frum
I have often said that the biggest benefit that most BT’s are seeking is finding a strong, meaningful marriage. We live in a hectic, frenetic world, and Judaism and some of its more profound traditions can certainly enable a marriage to get over the rough spots in life. We don’t hear about "shalom bayis" in the secular world too often, even the skeptics must admit that.

But there are SO MANY men and women who, despite the apparent benefits, just can’t bring themselves to live a lie. And yes, we skeptics feel that living as if the orthodox version of things is all true is not being true to ourselves in varying degrees.…

BTA then asks for emails from interested parties, answering the following questions:

1. Gender
2. age
3. single/divorced
4. kids?
5. want kids?
6. keep kosher to any degree?
7. keep shabbos to any degree?
8. how long involved in some sort of observance?
9. how long have you been doubting "the mesora?"
10.Think the written Torah is most likely written by God?
11. Think/believe that Sinai really happened?
12. How badly do you want to get married (to the right person of course) in the next year?
13. Did you ever attend seminary/yeshiva? if so, for how long and which one?

He’ll forward your emails to the shadchan.

Will it work? There’s only one way to find out!



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3 responses to “An Idea Whose Time Has Come? A Shadchan For the Rest Of Us

  1. Anonymous

    ha!!!!!! A married scotty, LOL

  2. Lubavitch Singles List Boys and girls list online:

  3. Yochanan Lavie

    A Shadchan For the Rest Of Us- what about Festivus for the rest of us? 🙂

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