Haredim Stone Cars On Highway

Ynet reports haredim stoned cars on Shabbat near Meron on the Acco-Tzefat Highway.



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7 responses to “Haredim Stone Cars On Highway

  1. Michelle

    Let me get this straight . . . they are violating Shabbat to protect Shabbat???

    Perhaps someone should teach them the laws of Shabbat? Last time I checked, a stone was mukzah and gathering stones was assur.

  2. Anonymous

    not if you prepare them, and set them aside before Shabbos

  3. Yochanan Lavie

    One Friday afternoon, some chareidim were setting aside stones to be used on Shabbat. They were the standard, hand-sized variety. Suddenly they see another chareidi rolling huge boulders into place. One of the “small stone” bochurim asked the “large stone” dude: “Nu?” He replied: “We hold by the shitas of the Chazon Ish!” 🙂

  4. Neo-Conservaguy

    They are criminals and should be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law of the land in which they live. That’s all.

  5. Anonymous

    they should be hung by their payos tied up by their gartels and stoned by their own collection of stones which they put aside.
    and they should force some of the BG bnei Brak Rab bis to watch.

  6. Michelle


    You guys totally crack me up. Thank you for a smile to start the week!

  7. There are two other parts of that joke, one is that some people throw rocks with bits chipped off and explain “we take trumot and maasrot”.

    And then during shmitah they import rocks from abroad …

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