More On Plagiarism and DovBear

I wondered why, in the nearly two weeks that passed since DovBear was caught plagiarizing 12 in twelve posts, why none of his many critics could find further examples of word theft. Blogger, screenwriter and DB uber critic Robert Avrech confidently noted that these 12 (he counted 14, but 2 were specious) examples were only the tip of the iceberg, and he dismissed claims by DB supporters that12 posts containing unattributed language out of a total of more than 3000 posts did not show a pattern of stealing. Most of us argued it showed, if anything, sloppiness.

DB enlisted the help of another JBlogger, Renegade Rebbetzin, and had her check all 3000 plus posts using plagiarism software paid for by DB. She reports her findings here. (Read a few paragraphs into the post.) They amount to: 1. Many posts crediting an author (Dave Barry, for example) but with no exact source cite (i.e., page 12 of book X) or hyperlink. 2. Two instances of one line or short phrase, incidental to a post, lifted from a source but not written as a quote. 3. One post made entirely up of a brief, comic anonymous email widely circulated and posted by many, many bloggers – all without attribution, because there was none to give. (Still, it should have been posted as an anonymous quote.)

Her findings point to what many of us thought: DB isn’t an intentional thief; he’s a sloppy, rushed writer who made mistakes. Those mistakes needed to be corrected and he has done so.

But Renegade Rebbetzin’s findings also point to another possibility. The anonymous blogger who outed DB, the so-called DovWeasel, appears to have miraculously found the only instances of plagiarism in over 3000 posts. He claims to have done so in two hours of looking. How could that be true unless he used plagiarism software to find them? I believe he did or was fed the information by someone else who did. That would make his claim that the 12 (or 14) cases found were the "tip of the iceberg" false and intentionally misleading. Worse than that, when combined with how DB was outed, it points to a hit, an organized attempt to destroy DB. That indeed is what I believe happened.

Who would have motive to do this? In my mind, the finger points to the right of the JBlogisphere, but I’m not sure who. Readers, what do you think?



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8 responses to “More On Plagiarism and DovBear

  1. Zack

    Yes, i totally agree, it is one very big conspiracy against dovbear. I bet the cia is after him.

  2. Isa

    If they go against DovBear then they certainly have it in for you Shymara.

  3. joe

    What do I think? Not much about this issue who the hell cares its a blog people. Whats more amazing these people actually have the time to check posts.

  4. Bava Kama Sutra

    I actually agree politically with Robert Avrech but I not think he is a nice person, Dov Bear with his misguided opinions seems to be a kind and fair person.

    I have the same problem on my drive home from work. The girl on the right wing radio station makes sense but she is very very mean spirited. The guy of left wing station is a blithering idiot but alas, very nice guy.

  5. Anonymous

    I dropped my old blog on Yahoo because Rabbi Leib Tropper of Monsey, NY contacted them and had them remove my true story of our experiences with him and the true emails to and from his organization discussing the issue that were sent to us, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there are other rabbis out there who want to suppress the truth about them and their activities. They fear the truth, because they can’t compete with it.

  6. Devora Bee

    Could you elaborate about the Tropper yeshiva ? this is one creepy BT organization

  7. Anon

    Whats this about Tropper? I have heard some strange things about him too.

  8. It’s things like this that make me glad I just do food blogging. And the times I’ve used others’ recipes, or variations thereof, I have always linked to the original. Of course, recipes can’t be copyrighted in the US. Thus why ‘secret recipes’ are protected so closely. If someone got the recipe for making 3 Musketeers, for example, they could make & sell their own version all they wanted. I think that’s why us foodies don’t really get to into this mess…

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