The Charity Of Haredim, etc.

Ha’aretz reports that only 12 Members of Knesset donated blood (this during a blood shortage!) during Magen David Adom’s annual Knesset blood drive. The list shows an over-representation from Meretz and zero – that’s right, zero, nada, none, nothing no one – from the haredi parties, Shas and UTJ. The haredim weren’t alone in their selfishness – only one member of Labour donated, as well.


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13 responses to “The Charity Of Haredim, etc.

  1. Anonymous

    sounds like a meretz conspiracy to look good in the public eye. BTW, Have you donated blood smarya?

  2. Nigritude Ultramarine

    zero – that’s right, zero, nada, none, nothing no one – from the haredi parties, Shas and UTJ

    It’s the “stork” model of chesed. The stork (חסידה) only performs chesed for those of its own kind.

  3. joe

    Considering only 12 people donated I would have to say that pretty much everyone was selfish.

  4. Thomas Melchior

    take, take, take.. that’s all the haredim know how to do..

  5. anon

    Chareidim are big into saying they can receive an organ donation. How many have ever donated?

  6. Bava Kama Sutra

    This is my interpetation

    Avigdor Lieberman – Right
    Eitan Cabel – Left-Center
    Ruhama Avraham – Center,
    Yoel Hasson – Center
    Majali Wahabi – Center
    Haim Oron – Left
    Ran Cohen – Left
    Yossi Beilin – Left
    Arye Eldar – National Religious
    Nissan Slomiansky – National Religious
    Sofa Landver – Right
    Ami Ayalon – Left –Center

  7. Scam Alert

    louse most charedim donate whenever they can and chances are that the mks couldnt because they alradey donated in the past 2 months.

  8. Magen David Adom? Isn’t that the racist organization that discarded all of the blood donated by Israelite Ethiopians several years ago?

  9. Yup. It’s Israel’s Red Cross and manages the national blood supply.

  10. Tsvi Rogin

    There is no reason why anyone should donate blood either to the red cross or to mogen david adom. These organizations sell the donated blood for big bucks, so why should we donate.

    There is no reason for any Jewish person to donate to MDA anything, it is an organization which is in a great hurry to help goyim in chutz la’aretz but refuses to help Jews in the so called territories.

    Tsvi Rogin

  11. Absolutely false on all counts.

  12. Ben Qor'ha (Baldwin)

    a charitable holy soul from hebron, doubtlessly inspired by the teachings of the alter rebbe shows arab residents their true place in the divine scheme.
    such humility, such tzniut, sheneemar derakheiha darkei noam.
    i am afraid she is also painting us fellow jews in our place in hell.

  13. Ben Qor'ha (Baldwin)

    the link oops!
    http :// http://www.ynetnews. com/articles/ 0,7340,L-3350480,00. html
    watch the film!

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