New Square Pell Grant Pardon Scandal…

Judicial Watch reports:

[January 9, 2007] Hillary Clinton continues to benefit from the loyalty and support of a traditionally conservative religious group whose members were pardoned by her husband in exchange for votes in her first senate race.

Although Hasidic Jews are extremely conservative and Clinton is a raging liberal, quite a few attended her post swearing in reception this week. Traditionally, most Orthodox members of the sect can’t even shake hands with a woman, but those who attended Hillary’s bash—clad in traditional broad-brimmed hats and attire–pressed close for photo opportunities. In violation of their strict religious beliefs, shoulders rubbed and torsos touched for numerous snapshots.

Could it be that the New York Senator has made some kind of back-door deal with the group similar to the one she and her husband made as he left the White House? Bill pardoned four prominent members of a Hasidic Jewish community in Rockland County New York who had defrauded the federal government of $40 million for a fake school.

In return, the community voted overwhelmingly) for Hillary for senate while neighboring Hasidic communities voted overwhelmingly for her Republican opponent Rick Lazio. The scrupulously Orthodox Hasidic Jews have a well-documented record of voting conservative and strong support for a candidate like Hillary is unheard of.

The U.S. Attorney’s office in New York briefly investigated the matter but the Teflon-covered Clintons prevailed and nothing ever came of it. One thing is for sure, however; four men serving prison sentences of up to 6 ½ years for bilking millions from taxpayers were released from jail and Hillary got long term support from a group that would otherwise shun her.

Dr. R-F tells me that this support for Hillary is not out of the ordinary. Why? Democrats support funding for the social welfare and education programs hasidim use and often abuse. Republicans are more likely to be fiscally conservative and to oppose increased funding for these programs.



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7 responses to “New Square Pell Grant Pardon Scandal…

  1. TM

    I don’t think the last 6 years of Presidency or the past 12 years of controlling the house have indicated anything like “Republicans are more likely to be fiscally conservative.” Quite the opposite.

  2. TM

    That would be Houses, not house.

  3. frummeyid

    Agree with the above comment except thart the point of the post was that Republicans are more likely to be fiscally conservative with welfare programs. They are equally piggish with regards to pet projects and pork. (yes, the medicaid bill was costly, but the democratic counterproposal was far more costly). The point remains that if you want to enable welfare scams, voting for liberals helps.

  4. frummeyid

    One last comment. Actually the first six of those 12 years (1994-2000) showed fiscal conservatism. Nor because CLinton was fiscally conservative, but because as long as he was in power the Republicans (by and large) felt like they were fighting for conservative principles against the President. Less pork, balanced budgets, etc. (The surpluses in the late 1990s were the child of that — remember the reublican push in 1995 for balanced budgets?). Once Bush won in 2000 (actually about a year or two later), the Republican House members felt like there was nothing left to fight for —- except for themselves. That'[s when they started pigging out, over the last five of twelve years.

  5. One of the reasons I keep reading your stuff is that you supply links to your sources. Often after reading them I come to different conclusions that you did. In the article you linked to above, the author spoke of the Hasidic men and Sen. Clinton:

    Nothing improper, of course, but shoulders definitely touching as they crowded in for the pictures, just like everyone else.

    Somehow you turned that into shoulders rubbed and torsos touched, which seems far more salacious.

  6. No. There are two links and two quotes. The one I “turned into” something salacious is from Judicial Watch. The second quote, the one you like better, is from the San Francisco Chronicle.

    Anyway, these guys would never touch a woman like this unless money was involved.

  7. george

    show us the pictures. if they exist you can get them … posing for pictures together does not automaticly mean they rubbed shoulders. those who want to find drek can find some on anybody…

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