Federal Court Rules Vatican Can Be Sued In Abuse Scandal – Will This Apply To Agudath Israel, Too?

The AP reports:

Sex abuse victims can pursue damages from the Vatican in a lawsuit alleging top church officials failed to report known or suspected cases of child abuse, a federal judge ruled Thursday.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge John G. Heyburn II allows three men to pursue claims against the Vatican over allegations of sexual abuse by priests in the Archdiocese of Louisville.

The men alleged that the Vatican knew or suspected some of its priests or bishops were child molesters, but failed to warn the public or local authorities about them because of a policy prohibiting it.

I wonder if rabbinic rulings by members of the rabbinic leadership of Agudath Israel and Torah Umerorah that prohibited telling police about rabbi-on-boy sex abuse cases would open up Agudah and Torah Umesorah to legal challenge? Let’s hope the answer is yes.

[Hat Tip: Dr. R-F.]



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3 responses to “Federal Court Rules Vatican Can Be Sued In Abuse Scandal – Will This Apply To Agudath Israel, Too?

  1. B”H
    If the answer to that is yes let’s hope they also lift the sovereign immunity and people can sue Israeli government and it’s members individually for giving orders that violated human rights threw Jews out of their homes 2 years ago harass their leaders and still refuse to pay proper compensation to some of them. Let’s use the US justice system to scare the leadership of this 51st state into acting with some respect for people. If they refuse to pay freeze their assets etc.
    Why only terrorists and chareidim are off limits how about the post-zionist vilians?
    Better yet they should also allow sueing “Peace now” and “Brit Sholom veTzedek” other morons in the US (including Harry Maryles and author of this blogamong others ) for criminal complicity in the conspriracy to violate human rights support for terrorist /mafia organizations (Israeli government ).
    In fact some smart lawyer should find a way to sue them under the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) statues
    wouldn’t that be fun?:-)
    I mean if you refer being ruled by American goim to the procrastinating or incomptetnt gedolim perhaps ability to use their justice system to crush the other perhaps even greater Jewish rashoim the Zionist government wouldn’t be such a bad idea either…
    Rabbi Noah Smith
    “Texas Ranger”

  2. Ari


    Your post is rather off-topic and irrelevant in context. If you want to rail against the Israeli government for its policies, there are various channels and opportunities for that – it just doesn’t make any sense here.

    The issue here is a court ruling allowing lawsuits against central religious authorities who have covered up for criminals. I say God bless the courts and let’s hope that Agudah will get the kick in the rear that it so desperately needs/deserves.


    (PS – Noah, try some proper grammar and punctuation, it would make sorting through your drivel much easier for the literate amongst us.)

  3. B”H
    1)On one hand you are right on the other hand it’s relevant in the context of Shmaryah’s hypocricy displayed in this blog. He is ready to help certain “pet causes” important though they may be but refuses to help Jews from Gush Katif on principle since they didn’t listen to his post Zionisit idols as he explains in comments to “Saving two lives”.

    2) I usually spell check my posts this time I forgot to do it sorry.

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