Looking At Blogs From The Outside In

Larry Gordon, the editor of the Five Towns Jewish Times writes:

…These days perhaps one of the most widely read but also
controversial frum bloggers is Unorthodox Jew. UOJ, as he is known,
identifies himself as an attorney with a penchant to expose extreme
cases of hypocrisy in frum Jewish life. His favorite subject is
shedding light on what he feels is extreme dishonesty and double
standards in Jewish life. He also can’t get enough of insisting that
too many rabbinical leaders and organizations have no problem with
sacrificing honesty and integrity in order to protect those within
their ranks.

For the past two years he’s been extremely vocal and shockingly open
about alleged cases of physical abuse that have risen to the surface of
late in the community. He’s open and forthcoming about using people’s
names, which is both rough and controversial. In the physical abuse
cases, he says he is determined to protect Jewish children from abusers
and does not understand why our leadership has not been more outspoken
on the subject. No doubt it is a sensitive and even difficult subject
matter; however, being a victim in a case like this is no doubt even
more difficult than the need to talk about it.…


  1. UOJ has to my knowledge never claimed to be an attorney.
  2. UOJ has dealt primarily with cases of rabbinic sex abuse, especially rabbi-on-boy sex abuse, not physical abuse.

Gotta love those Jewish newspapers.

Anyway, the article has good coverage of Orthomom and Krum.

[Hat Tip: Dr. R-F.]


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  1. Gordon has (or had) a blog of his own

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