Rabbi Avi Shafran on Beit Dins and Abuse

Among many Orthodox Jews, the preferred forum for adjudicating communal
disputes is a bet din, a rabbinic court. But critics say such panels
often try to dissuade sex abuse victims from pursuing their complaints,
a charge vigorously denied by [Agudath Israel spokesman Rabbi Avi] Shafran. But, he added, "In cases where
there is some degree of doubt, the beit din has a responsibility to
counsel against going to authorities until there is proven criminal

In other words, in 99% of abuse cases, Rabbi Shafran’s "gedolim" will say that it is forbidden to go to the police. Why? Because the victims of abuse are largely underage. Their testimony is invalid in a beit din, and abuse happens in secret, away from witnesses – except, of course, for the abused child. In a simiar vein,  Rabbi Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg told victims of Rabbi Yehudah Kolko and their parents that, because Rabbi Kolko did not penetrate the boys (he only rubbed his erect penis against them), according to halakha, no abuse happened. Therefore it is forbidden to go to police.

This is Agudath Israel. This is the gedolim. This is Orthodox Judaism.

Run away from it as fast as you can.

[Hat Tip: Dr. R-F.]


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10 responses to “Rabbi Avi Shafran on Beit Dins and Abuse

  1. Janet Schwartz

    B’H’ for pointing this out.

  2. you should be more upfront about your belonging to your own (per)version of judaism. you don’t really know what rabbi sheinberg etc. knew and when. you love loshon hora and will gladly believe any against anybody you have an ax against to grind.

  3. Scam Alert

    there is no place in hell low enough for scotty boy.

  4. ZG

    you don’t really know what rabbi sheinberg etc. knew and when

    It does not make a different rubbing your penis against children is wrong, Scheinberg failure to understand that makes him an idiot at best and evil at worst.

  5. Jim the Catholic

    R. Scheinberg is the Cardinal Law of Judaism.

    BTW that was NOT a compliment.

  6. Jim the Catholic

    OTOH Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach is the
    Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Judaism!:-)

    BTW that WAS a complement!

    Still I don’t logically see why or how Orthodox Judaism as a religions could/should be condemned for the misguided actions of clueless clergy?

    If I thought that way I would believe in anything much less my own religion.

  7. Bava Kama Sutra

    OTOH Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach is the
    Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Judaism!:-)

    I know that Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz is a local hero in Nebraska who developed the Church there but how does he compared to rabbi Auerbach who wrote a lot of books

  8. Bava Kama Sutra

    R. Scheinberg is the Cardinal Law of Judaism.

    I do not think you are being fair to Cardinal Law. After all he did not say that rubbing one’s penis against children is OK, he just moved priests from a place to a place

  9. Talmid of Rav Belsky

    This past Shabbos R’ Dovid Cohen of Khal Gvul Yaavetz publicly stated that he was the author of the “Open Letter to Rav Matisyahu Salomon” regarding the blogs. Rav Cohen stated that he has all his information from his position as the clergyman for Ohel Children’s Home. What is strange to me is that in 1998 Ohel too was written up in the NY Post as having been involved with a major coverup over the rapes of young boys by their male counselors. Shame on you Dovid Cohen. Not too long ago you were written up in the media (NY Times etc.) as the rabbi that gave advice to a woman to bribe Gerald Garson, the convicted matrimonial judge who presided in Kings County. It was that bribery case that brought down Judge Garson. You are no rav, you are a phoney. You are no Cohen either, you are the child of a Gerusha and a Cohen. You are a Challal at best, that is if your really Jewish. Your disgraceful arrogance is not found among true Jews. Your shul building was purchased with laundered funds from a convicted felon (Green)hiding today from the law in Switzerland. The public should be aware of who you really are. Rav Belsky too has stated on numerous occassions that you Dovid Cohen are the antecedent of a new tribe of challal meyuchsan as well as the puke of the Jewish community. Once again Shame on you!

  10. frummeyid

    Don’t give me this “this is Orthodox Judaism” garbage, Shmarya.

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