Save Two Lives, Part 2

The readers of this blog, along with readers of and DovBear have raised over $1600 to save the lives of two Ethiopian children with Hodgkin’s Disease. This is really good news, but there is a problem. What is it?

We need $188 more to do the job. If you can give, please do so now. Even small amounts are welcome. Once we have the $188, I’ll send the entire $1800 to the JDC in New York. They’ll get the entire $1800 to Dr. Rick Hodes in Addis Ababa.

Time is of the essence. These children will, God forbid, die if they don’t get treatment, and Dr. Rick doesn’t have the money to pay for the medicines needed to save their lives. In other words, your dollars really count and your donation really matters.

Please give now. Just click on the button below to donate. You’ll get a receipt you can print out for your records. Your donation is tax deductible in the US. Thank you!

UPDATE: 1/11/06 9pm CST – Our goal has been reached! The $1800 will soon be on its way to Dr. Hodes. You can still donate by emailing me. All additional money raised will be sent to Dr. Hodes. No funds will be siphoned off for handling or adminstration.



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8 responses to “Save Two Lives, Part 2

  1. B”H
    PilegeshPersonals.comis making a token donation of $5 now and I’m willing to donate even more money for this worthy project and would even consider posting your chip in link on my very popular Pilegesh Blog – and an ad banner on and sites if you can explain to me why do you think these children should get 4% less money due to the PayPal fee plus whatever “She’arey Dayah” (your non profit foundation) charges for overhead plus whatever JDC deducts to pay their expenses.
    Why not simply post the PayPal related email address of Dr. Rick Hodes or the bank account the money can be wired into?
    I mean being the type of skeptical person that I am I like to avoid unnecessary paperwork that wastes time and money and lines the pockets of various bureaucrats rabbinic or otherwise with no real value added.

  2. Shaarei Dayah takes nothing. The JDC takes nothing. The credit card processor takes nothing (it’s a special promo because they just launched). All $1800 goes to Dr. Hodes’ work.

    Why does the money go through the JDC? Because they have been kind enough to do this without taking any money off the donations, and have been doing so for years.

    Thanks for the donation!

  3. B”H
    “Shaarei Dayah takes nothing.
    The JDC takes nothing.”

    “The credit card processor takes nothing (it’s a special promo because they just launched).”

    this is incorect the takes nothing for campaigns up to $10,000 but all it is acting as for you is an internet gateway to your PayPal account for “Shaarey Deah”
    since it is a business acct. that allows you to accept credit card payments PayPal takes 3.9% + 20 c per transaction, but if you call them you can negotiate a better deal in particular with the volume you are having and if you show a quote from a competitor that charges less.

    All $1800 goes to Dr. Hodes’ work.

    see above more like $1700 or a bit less if JDC has some other transaction expenses.

    If my memory serves me right You have a earlier post bashing a chareidi charity for same type of what you call deceptive fundraising give 1800$ for this 200$ for aschool table etc. (which is really halachikly fine as was explained in comments in that earlier post for you it seems fine only as long it’s not done by “chareidim” or Chabad of course).

    Perhaps you should put in a chipin donate link for that organization too as a way of apology and show of fairness and impartial askonus (communal activism) not blided by ideological preferences.

    Why does the money go through the JDC? Because they have been kind enough to do this without taking any money off the donations, and have been doing so for years.

    Thanks for the donation!”

    You are welcome Shmaryahu! Be more honest with yourself and more impartial in your blogging and askonus and I’m sure you’ll get 10 times more donations for these worthy causes.

  4. ChipIn issues a check. It is not linked to PayPal. There is nothing deceptive in what I wrote or what we’re doing. Oh, and that haredi org you mention? It was using 30 plus % of its money for administration, and raised that money under false pretenses. You owe me an apology.

  5. And, again, neither Shaarei Dayah or the JDC have any “transaction expenses.” What is it about doing a this for the sake of doing it, for the sake of doing good, that you don’t understand?

  6. B”H
    I didn’t say you or JDC collect a % or are personally dishonest about this.
    Reread what I said.
    The Chipin link fwds to PayPal PayPal usualy charges 3.9% + 20 per transaction so one can assume you’d get $1700 (yu are saying it’s not so , ok) JDC wrs money to Hodes that’s another $10 Hodes also needs to eat wear clothes buy toilet paper use fax phone etc. that’s administration exspenses no differnt from the Chareidi Org you villified.

  7. Hodes takes NOTHING. No percentage, no expenses. The JDC doesn’t charge for the wire transfer. In other words, these are all nice, good, ALTRUISTIC people doing good – unlike the haredi ganavim I mentioned earlier.

  8. B”H
    The Torah law is that a professional fundraiser can take up to 49% commission as the payment for raising money.

    If Mr. Hodes is a retired millionaire American doctor with a huge portfolio of stocks and bonds paying for his food clothes shelter etc. more power to him for being altruistic and same to you and the good people at JDC. I still don’t know why does this give someone a licence to bash other people in this case chareidim for doing something good in a way permitted by the Torah and probably the only way they can afford to do it under the circumstances. I doubt they are inherently any less altruistic than you or Dr. Hodes. I know when I was offered money to do fundraising I either didn’t take it or if I really needed the money took like 20% and still felt very bad even though this is kosher and permitted and there is a rational explanation why it’s kosher and permitted.
    Still I think it’s wrong to bash people for doing good things while acting in a way Torah allows no less than ultra-chareidim bashing people for drinking cholov stam or following other kulos.

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