Sex Abuse in Orthodox Judaism: Audio Online Now

The audio of the forum on sexual abuse in the Orthodox community featuring Rabbi Yosef Blau of Yeshiva University, Rabbi Gil Student and the Forward‘s editor J.J. Goldberg is now online.

I’ve heard about 20 minutes of this and, so far, it’s very good. Rabbi Blau is excellent and, so far, so is J.J. Gil hasn’t spoken yet. Listen to this. It’s well worth your time.

[Hat Tip: JWB.]



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2 responses to “Sex Abuse in Orthodox Judaism: Audio Online Now

  1. Pesach

    I am almost finished listening. Everyone had something to contribute and the conversation is very broad. I really really liked it.

  2. RFisher

    Have you guys seen the comment from the Belsky talmid under the post titled “Dov Hikind and Child Sexual Abuse”? You mustread it. The guy who wrote it is a jack ass just like the sick perverted Belsky. He attacks Dovid Cohen of Gvul Yaavetz and includes some derogatory quotes from the mamzer low-life Belsky. Imagine, we have here in front of us a feud between two dangerous sexual degenerates. Let’s just hope they bash each others rotten skulls once and for all. Maybe then, having gotten rid of the greatest evil on this planet, Moshiach will arrive.

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