Kids At Risk Roundup

Rabbi Yakov Horowitz has part two of his article on BTs raising FFB kids. An old friend of mine, Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, formerly of, among others, the OU and NCSY, has a new book out on "at risk" kids (i.e., kids who want to leave Orthodoxy). He’s also launched a blog.


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One response to “Kids At Risk Roundup

  1. At least they are starting to be realistic about kids at risk. I remember the 1996 Jewish Observer issue devoted entirely to the topic and they mentioned kids at risk as being frum kids who started calling Eretz Yisroel Israel and ones that had switched to wearing their yarmulkes more forward on the head. They had missed the point completely and ignored the fact that Jewish kids like all kids love to have sex, snort zanax and shop lift.

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