Dov Hikind and Child Sexual Abuse

Dov Hikind – elected official, former close Kahane follower and the address for much of Brooklyn’s Jewish politics – devoted his radio show last night to child sexual abuse in the Orthodox community. The show can be downloaded from JewishSurvivors or here (part 1, part 2).

I just downloaded this and have not listened yet. I am told, however, that Hikind does not tell people to go to the police. This is remarkable because Hikind is an elected official with the responsibility to uphold the law.

[Hat Tip: Dr. R-F.]



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7 responses to “Dov Hikind and Child Sexual Abuse

  1. gross

    Or course Hikind lauded the Agudah and made no mention of their do-nothing attitude and attempts to block legislation madating reporting rabbinical abuse to the authorities.

  2. fool, are you still waiting for surprises?

  3. Yisroel

    Agudah is davening that all this will go away. It won’t.

  4. Ben Qor'ha (Baldwin)

    “This is remarkable because Hikind is an elected official with the responsibility to uphold the law.”
    it is remarkable. but law? what law?
    leit deen veleit dayan!
    just when we thought that we saw everything, we discover that there is nothing left in normative judaism. the rabbis promote thievery, protect the boys rapists, cheat in kashrut, offer introduction services for “talmidei chochomim” looking for concubines, our nationalists now try to outdo the arabs. trouble is, decent people have no where to run.

  5. Talmid of Rav Belsky

    This past Shabbos R’ Dovid Cohen of Khal Gvul Yaavetz publicly stated that he was the author of the “Open letter to Rav Matisyahu Salomon” regarding the blogs. Rav Cohen stated that he has all his information from his position as the clergyman for Ohel Children’s Home. What is strange to me is that in 1998 Ohel too was written up in the NY Post as having been involved with a major coverup over the rapes of young boys by their male counselors. Shame on you Dovid Cohen. Not too long ago you were written up in the media (NY Times etc.) as the rabbi that gave advice to a woman to bribe Gerald Garson, the convicted matrimonial judge who presided in Kings County. It was that bribery case that brought down Judge Garson. You are no rav, you are a phoney. You are no Cohen either, you are the child of a Gerusha and a Cohen. You are a Challal at best, that is if your really Jewish. Your disgraceful arrogance is not found among true Jews. Your shul building was purchased with laundered funds from a convicted felon (Green)hiding today from the law in Switzerland. The public should be aware of who you really are. Rav Belsky too has stated on numerous occassions that you Dovid Cohen are the antecedent of a new tribe of challal meyuchsan as well as the puke of the Jewish community. Once again Shame on you!

  6. YUGUY

    Actually, Ive heard accounts of people that were at the shul on shabbos that he said NOTHING of the kind. You keep spreading propoganda, though. Shame on you.

  7. YUGUY

    Now, I happen not to know too much history of R’ Dovid, but if he did cover up and do some misdeeds in the past, he seems like he would fit right in to the ‘godol’ list and their ilk. The fact that his mother is a gerusha making him a challul has NOTHING to do with his rabbonus. You should be ashamed of yourself for accusing someone of being born of illigetimate parents. If someone has no control over their parenthood, why should we shame them for it? Some of the greatest Jewish people came from couplings that are deemd as ossur, yet we still praise these people. Dovid Hamelech committed adultery, however the commentarys attempt to cover it up. A Get, he was at war, he wasnt jewish….. Bat Sheva was married, and the only reason Dovid wasn’t chayiv missah was because there were no Adim to give Hasraah.

    So lets not blast R’ Dovid from the soap box for something he didn’t do, or something he didn’t say. If you wanted to comment on the fact that R’ Dovid’s past is dirty and makes him look like a frummer rabbi, fine, but there is no need to invent.

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