Settler Children At Play, cont.

I think some Orthodox Jews need remedial parenting classes.



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6 responses to “Settler Children At Play, cont.

  1. 1) I would not necesarily call these people “Modern Orthodox”. These settlers are something between what we would call “Modern Orthodox” and Haredi. Moreover, as a friend of mine who grew up in Israel said, in Israel, there is no “Modern Orthodoxy” but “Dati Leumi” or “National(ist) Religious”, Orthodox Jews who support the State of Israel. This does NOT necessarily mean that they have such a modern outlook on life.

    2) These kids seem like the infamous “Hilltop Youth” who have been a big problem for several years now. In a way, these Hilltop Youth remind me of the neo-Nazi skinhead kids of Europe. On another level their behavior is not totally incomprehensible considering the last 10 – 15 years or so, ESPECIALLY for people who live in the West Bank and probably know many people who were hurt and killed by Arab violence.

    3) People in settlements tend to be SO viciously anti-Arab that their parents probably condone their behavior on some level. They probably see it as giving the Arabs their just desserts for throwing rocks and bombs at Jews for so long. Not to mention, the soldiers and likely all of Israeli society has a higher tolerance for violence against Arabs after so many years of suicide bombings and other violence against Jews. Note the increased popularity of Avigdor Lieberman, for instance.

    4) When you have so many kids, it is hard to really control them. I have seen this in places like Tzfat where kids seem to rule the streets. The parentshave likely given up on trying to control them to some extent.

    5) The journalists don’t seem to realize this, but in the 1st two videos, the kids are telling them in Hebrew to put away the camera. The journalists, not understanding, keep filming. So then the kids try to beat them up. Moreover, I find the journalists concern for “the Palestinian family” a little annoying because these people probably have no such sympathies for Jewish families. The settlers know this which is probably part of the reason why they attack the journalists in the 1st place.

    The whole thing is very complicated. On one hand, I don’t mind so much Arabs getting a taste of their own medicine (i.e., innocent people being attacked for being in the wrong place at the wrong time in teh middle of the tribal war that is the Arab-Israeli conflict). For too long violence has been one-sided and I think the Arabs have taken advantage of Jewish mild-manneredness and timidity for too long. At the same time, it makes me a little sick to my stomach seeing religious Jewish kids acting like such hooligans.

  2. If anybody needs remedial parenting classes, it’s the stinking Arabs. Did you see the opening scene? Arab kids throwing stones from the rooftop of their apartment bldg. But this is so commonplace nobody even cares. Jewish kids retaliating in kind is “man bites dog” and therefore newsworthy.

    Those soldiers deserve a medal simply for putting up with that female do-gooder telling them what to do. My first order of business would have been to take that b—h into custody. And if she is a journalist then she has to be told that her job is to report the news, not make it. Second – Level that Arab bldg to the ground and deport its occupants to Jordan. That should serve as a deterrent to others who would follow in their footsteps. They have to be given to understand that the results of 1967 still matter. Third – Educators on both sides need to organize sports competitions for the kids. When they face each other across the soccer field, basketball court and boxing ring each will discover that the other is human, and not a bunch of fire-breathing dragons. When they no longer fear one another, they’ll have a chance of getting along. Peace won’t come down like manna from heaven. It will have to be built by the little children, from the ground up.

  3. Treifalicious –

    This was not filmed by journalists; it was filmed by international monitors who try to protect (right or wrong) the Palestinians who live in the Jewish-controlled area of hebron.

    Neandershort –

    The opening scene is of Jewish teenagers throwing rocks at an Arab house.

  4. I rewatched the video and I stand corrected. It was Jewish kids throwing stones from their rooftop and that pains me. But you didn’t see this until the Israeli gov’t gave away 80% of Hevron. Arabs respect strength.

    When I visited Israel in 1974 we were taken through Hevron. There wasn’t much goodwill, but at least there was a sullen acceptance on both sides that the other was not going away. We were not confined to a few meters’ radius of Me’arat Ha-makhpelah. We were warned not to stray from the group, but leave it to me to get separated. I jogged the few hundred meters to rejoin the group, kind of expecting trouble from the local Arabs who were watching us. But no trouble came. I was 22 at the time, it was summer and I was wearing short sleeves with the arms of a weightlifter. Arabs respect strength. They pounce on any sign of weakness, and that’s all the Israeli gov’t has been showing for quite a while.

    And what about the “international monitors?” Were they sent by the U.N. or some recognized nongovernmental organization pursuant to an agreement to which Israel (rightly or wrongly) is a party? If not, they’re just a bunch of interfering do-gooders and have no business being there. Deport them.

    BTW, Earth to Yeshivat Hevron: YOOOOHOOOO. Hevron has been beckoning to you for 40 years to come home. Why are you still hiding in Yerushalayim (not that there’s anything wrong with Yerushalayim but it is Yeshivat Hevron)?

  5. JewishCynic

    I thought the kids were throwing rocks at the woman because here sleeves ended above her elbows!

  6. formallyfrum

    The kids and maybe the parents should have been arrested by police I guess.

    Many Settlers are fanatics and need to be dealt as such. Luckily they have limited power if they had real power I am afraid they would be no better than Hamas.

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