Settler Children At Play

Part 1

Part 2



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6 responses to “Settler Children At Play

  1. gross

    Oh please. The little Arab thugs invented rock-throwing. Those smarmy pseudo-jounalist do-gooders don’t belong there, filming one-sided stories. We know their agenda and we’ve seen it many times before. Off-camera, the “poor refugees” don’t play victim.

  2. Anonymous

    gross –

    you’re absolutely missing the point. when we see pics of their children in demos waving guns or throwing rocks, we say, how could their parents let them do this? now we should ask our own parents.

    when we see their children behaving like this, we ask what type of society encourages this behaviour? now we should ask our own society.

    when we see Palestinians behaving like this, some like to make racist comments about being somehow less human than Jews or others. Now we should ask ourselves what type of humans, or Jews, these people are.

  3. The Jewish COmmunityt of Hebron has been around since Avaraham Avinu thousands of years.

  4. the hatred of each side causes this. When children grow up to hate, whether taught to them by parents or experience this is what you get. People that don’t care, all they know is hatred of the other. And mixed with people with cameras that really just don’t understand, they become the targets of hatred as well. Because the feeling of hopelessness is perpetuated by one-sidedness. That was rather convoluted but the point is this, stop the one-sidedness, and eventually we will get peace. Then many years down the road we will lose the hate as well.

  5. Josh

    This film crew arrived wth the blatant attept to incite violence. This is vivdly clear from viewing this time wasting footage. Any sane human will immediately realize that they are there inciting and the rest talk for itself.

  6. It’s not a film crew; those areinternational observers.

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