Settler Violence: Nothing New


Danny Rubenstein writes in Ha’aretz:

…The statistics are familiar. Of the thousands of Arabs who lived in the part of Hebron under Israeli control (according to the agreement of the government of Benjamin Netanyahu), few remain. The Abu Aisha family of Tel Rumeida lives in a house that has been dubbed the "cage house" because of the bars surrounding it, which are meant to protect it from harassment by the settlers. The other isolated Arab families who have remained in the area near the settlers tend to hide in a similar manner. In other words, the Hebron settlers have succeeded in getting rid of almost all of their Arab neighbors, something the IDF and the police have done nothing to prevent, which means they are in effect helping the settlers.…

Videos: 1 & 2, 3, 4. Background: 1, 2.



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13 responses to “Settler Violence: Nothing New

  1. Yasher koach. THIS IS JEWISH LAND. Any Arabs who are not prepared to live in peace with us can go to the Arab country of their choice. They can even come to Brooklyn (many have). Those who are prepared to live in peace should have no trouble getting along with us. Islam is closely allied to Judaism, and history shows that we generally got along better with Muslims than with Christians.

  2. talk abou thow hungarian fanatics are taking over judaism.

  3. FO

    Be clear are you condeming or condoning the acts shown on the video?

    It does not seem that the settlers will accept in allowing their Arab neighbours to live in peace.

    This would go against the very basis of their ideaology “no Arabs in Judea, Sameria etc…”.

    This is Fascism (rightous nationalism)in its true form which I beleive you are condoning here.

    These are fanatics that will be left with difficult emotional trauma in the future, for in order to continue to justify their actions and violent behaviour they need a villan (rightly or wrongly), this violent behaviour according to psyhcologist will not dissipate once the villan has been removed, in fact another villan will need to take its place, failing which if one is confronted to face and examine its actions and behaviour it will suffer a heavy emotional trauma for the rest of their lives.

    This is very dangerous behaviour for these young people, they need guidence and bounderies in their lives instead of agitating propaganda.

    How will one deal with all the pain and suffering he/she has caused?

  4. Anonymous

    If the arabs hadn’t been chased away, its a fact that the numbers of Jewish settlers injured or killed it would be much higher than it is. The Jews are finally learning from the arabs that rioting and harassing your enemy works to chase them out of the land. It worked for the arabs in gaza, so maybe it can work for the jews in the west bank.

  5. Ma Rabbi

    The Internet has been saturated with anti-settler propaganda lately. You are playing into their hands. Unless,your personal beliefs are also anti-settler.

  6. Anonymous

    Why did you use such an old old picture?

  7. Anonymous

    If you think this is so bad, why don’t you link that video of those two isreali soldiers being publicly lynched by a crazed palestinian mob?

  8. B”H
    Why are you so sour. Report on something positive:
    Israeli News reports Chabad Teaches Arabs 7 Noahide Laws (youtube video) wait this is positive news no-one is fighting that’s boring must be it’s even made up Chabad propaganda this never happens in real life sorry.
    PS. Check out more videos here :
    Chabad Videos

  9. YUGUY

    Ah….settlers fighting. To those of you who think the Jewish settlers harassing an Arab family will get the Arab Family to move, you may be right. For those who said that the Arabs do similiar things to us, you are also right. That does not mean that we should do it to them. I feel as Jews we are at the recieving end of far too much hate already. We have enough scandal without STOOPING to the level of the Arab settlers. When a Jew does something wrong, such as harass an Arab, the rest of the world doesn’t see the Jew as being Just or fair, but rather as cruel and supremacist. We are under more observational scrutiny than arabs are. As soon as a Jew committs an atrocity, people are bitching and moaning all over the world. So lets not give them reason. The world CRIED when we built a WALL to protect ourselves from murderers! You expect them to stand by and support us when we attack seemingly innocent arabs????

  10. FO

    Why teach arachaic laws (Noahide)of someone that never existed? whom by the way the first thing this person supposedly does after the world hasd been cleansed of immorality and evilness is curse one of his own sons, and this after first getting drunk. Disgraceful!

    The true story from which this was borrowed (Epic of Gilgamesh) has a much more mature message, leaves out the childish aspects of the fictional Noahide story.

    Besides there is much better morality found in classical history, why not indulge yourself inquire, you will be pleased.

    There are many better

  11. FO

    We see a young girl grabbing the head scarf
    (worn according to their religous traditions) of an elderly Arab women with the intention to pull it off of her head – thereby maliciously dis-respecting her as both a human being and for observing her religous custom.

    Then there is the young boy whom seems to want to trip or kick the unsuspecting women violently.

    When and if someone would do this to a Jewish women wearing a wig, it would be wrong and immoral, so it is also immoral when it is being done on Arabs, by Jewish persons.

    What strikes me even more is the hatred displayed by these two young people- we are well aware of the fact that hatred is bad for both the one being the hated and the one bearing the hatred.

    What are they taught, certainly it can not be morally based teachings.

  12. Anonymous

    You sound like battered housewives when it comes to the israeli palestinian conflict. You’re saying, “well I wouldn’t want to stand up for myself because I might upset my husband. I’m so afraid of his reaction to anything I do, so i’ll just sit in this corner and hold my breath and hopefully one day, he will change.”

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