Haredi Wall Posters


Ever wonder how those haredi wall posters known as pashkvillim that announce bans, excommunications, deaths, and other news get distributed? In Jerusalem, it happens this way.



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7 responses to “Haredi Wall Posters

  1. Anonymous

    Funny, I got verbally harassed by more than 4 people for taking basically the exact same picture less than a week ago…

  2. frummeyid

    Hmm, anonymous post(er)s attacking, informing, or exposing…. Seems a lot like a low-tech blog.

  3. Schneur

    Many of these posters are just that posters . They are not pashkvillin. A death announcement , or poster welcoming a rebbe or announcing a new sefer is not a pashkvill. Thats a controversial poster with no sponsor.

  4. Ben Qor'ha (Baldwin)

    very reminescent of the wall posters in china during the cultural revolution.
    our gdeuylim, are often actually no more transparent, open minded or logical than the maoists of old.

  5. B”H
    Someone should sponsor a flyer for
    and http://www.Pilegesh.org to be run in these these neighborhoods. I bet that would start a revolution.:-)

  6. Baal Hamikhtam

    Someone should sponsor a flyer for …..PilegeshPersonals?

    oy oy oy, business must be tough, competitive, cut throat and desperate.

  7. Leftists spread their message through graffiti. During the gay parade controversy in Jerusalem, pro-gay graffiti was prominently displayed along Ben Yehuda Street.

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