Crime and ‘Punishment’ In Israel

A man is convicted of premeditated murder, killing seven unarmed Palestinians in cold blood. He gets seven life sentences plus twenty years, later commuted to forty years. He serves his time in a prison yeshiva, gets regular 48 hour furloughs (124 so far!) where he travels unsupervised throughout Israel, and he marries and fathers a family. Ynet reports:

… Ami Popper was convicted of murdering seven Arab workers and the attempted murder of ten additional workers on May 20th of 1990. Popper was 21 years old at the time. At approximately 7:00 am he arrived at the Rose Garden junction between Rishon Lezion and Nes Ziona, with a Glilon assault rifle and five ammunition clips, which he had stolen from his brother, who was a soldier.

Popper demanded of the Arab workers waiting at the junction to line up and asked to see their ID cards. When a car with West Bank license plates drove by Popper stopped it and forced the passengers to join the lineup at gunpoint. Afterwards Popper opened fire at the line, killing seven of the workers.

The murder created a storm in Israel and the territories, where riots broke out and rioters were killed by IDF fire. Popper was immediately arrested after the murder and first claimed his motive had been his girlfriend’s departure. Later he changed his story, claiming to have been raped by an Arab when he was 13 years old and was now seeking revenge.

Popper was convicted of seven accounts of murder and sentenced him to seven life sentences and an additional 20 consecutive years. In prison Popper became religious, marrying a Canadian woman from family identified with the Kach movement in 1993. In 1995 his eldest son was born and two more sons followed.…

Popper is in the news today because the car he was illegally driving (his license had long ago expired) veered into oncoming traffic and crashed. Popper’s wife and one of his sons were killed. Popper was on furlough from prison at the time of the accident.

Perhaps God has punished because man would not, yet the theology of that thought is in itself terrible, although very biblical.



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13 responses to “Crime and ‘Punishment’ In Israel

  1. I wonder why his wife and kids hadto die as a means to punish him?

  2. Had to die? God only knows. One could say he robbed children of their fathers, fathers of their sons, and wives of their husbands, so God took Popper’s wife and son. But, like I said, the theology of this is in itself terrible.

  3. Anonymous

    “Had to die? God only knows. One could say he robbed children of their fathers, fathers of their sons, and wives of their husbands, so God took Popper’s wife and son. But, like I said, the theology of this is in itself terrible.”

    But Ten to One the asshole blogger,Chabad wannabe, dosent make as much of it as when others speak of Tsunamis and God in one breath.

    One could say that because that the people committed some sort of crime, maybe polluting the ocean that Ocean struck back. One COULD say…

  4. Process: “the theology of this is in itself terrible.”

    The point was, for all you jerks out there who said the Tsunami was because of X or this happened because of Y, why not say the same about this car accident?

    And you have proved my point. Theodicy is fine with you, as long as someone else’s ox is being gored. If you’re being gored, theodicy is wrong.

  5. Neo-Conservaguy

    That’s a pretty harsh bit of pontification there, dude. The real question in my mind is, why in the world was this murderer allowed such liberty while supposedly locked away?

  6. Yos

    “If you’re being gored, theodicy is wrong.”

    So, is it wrong in this instance or not?

  7. Ahavah bat Sarah

    You know, there is no provision in the Torah for the establishment of prisons. Prison doesn’t reform anyone or accomplish anything for society – all it usually does it throw the prisoner’s family into poverty so the govt. has to support them, and of course, the govt. has to pay fully for the care and feeding of all prisoners. Prison a pagan idea, not a Torah one.

  8. Yos

    “Prison a pagan idea…”

    So is the internet, science and shampoo. A pox on the godless hellenists who prefer confinement to genocide and democracy to caliphate!

    I’m going to go watch Monty Python now.

  9. Neo-Conservaguy

    “You know, there is no provision in the Torah for the establishment of prisons.”

    Time marches on, and so does the halacha. Or, at least, it used to. It’s 3,500 or so years later, and we don’t kill women with the sota ritual anymore either.

  10. Isa

    Very Simple:
    What goes around – comes around

  11. cassi

    This mass murder who lined up the victims for execution, and many in the community eagerly applauded and condoned, deserves what he got, rather than death he recieves endless mental anguish and suffering instead, that is if has a conscience – God seems to do the right thing at times.

    At least God speared the other injured whom are recovering.

    Although this theology is in itself terrible, to which I agree, I mjust wanted to note for those that practice this evil theology how it wonderful it sounds.

  12. Anonymous

    “Prison a pagan idea” How is that? and because it is pagan it is a bad idea?

    Thankfully we have this system, if it is a non torah created idea and institution then it says much about the torah lack of interest in rehabilitation of people.

    According to the torah Mr. Popper would of had to be killed for transgressing mosaic law, the torah does endorse capital punishment law .

    Marraige is a pagan idea as well, it is not created by the the torah – is that a bad idea to?

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