Barbarians In Jews Clothing

Tommy Lapid writes:

That woman, the one who it turns out is named Yifat Alkobi, the Jewish woman that confronted, cursed, spat on and threatened her Arab neighbor in Hebron, she who is imprisoned in her own home, seemed somehow familiar to me.

Gradually, from the cobwebs of my childhood memories, I dredged up the image of a Hungarian neighbor in Novi Sad, who used to stand at the entrance to her home and curse us every time we went into the street – just like Yifat Alkobi.

When we decide, and rightly so, to never under any circumstances compare the behavior of Jews to that of Nazis, we are forgetting that anti-Semitism only reached its height at Auschwitz. It had existed, was active, frightening, harmful and disgusting – exactly like Alkobi’s image – in the years that preceded Auschwitz too. And behind shuttered windows hid terrified Jewish women, exactly like the Arab woman of the Abu-Isha family in Hebron.

It is unthinkable that the memory of Auschwitz should serve as a pretext to ignore the fact that living here among us are Jews that behave toward Palestinians exactly the way that German, Hungarian, Polish and other anti-Semites behaved toward Jews.

I am not referring to crematoria or pogroms, but rather to the
persecution, hounding, stone-throwing, undermining of livelihood, scare
tactics, spitting and contempt.

It was all of these things that made our lives in the Diaspora so
bitter and harrowing, even before they began the wholesale killing of

Lapid goes on to say that:

…I reacted with silence to this when I was justice minister too. We left the task of protest to the extreme leftist groups, who provoke well-deserved loathing from us all other days of the year.

We are familiar with the excuse of "We didn’t know." So, for the record: We do know.

We will never be able to forgive ourselves – our consciences won’t let us – and neither will our children if we do not make our army and police put an end to the Jewish barbarism in Hebron.


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16 responses to “Barbarians In Jews Clothing

  1. Anonymous

    Please. To compare the nazis treatment of innocent jews, to the israelis treatment of palestinians who support and hide terrorists, support killing israeli civilians, and elect a terrorist government is a joke. Its whimps like tommy lapid that embolden the terrorists to attack us.

  2. Isa

    Nazis went after all Jews whether one served in the German army in WWI and received medals or Communists. The Nazis used certain selected acts by Jews to justify certain acts. Hmmm I think there was an assassination of a Nazi leader that set off “crystal night” SO poor slob store owner is responsible for the assassination? and gets all his shop windows broken?
    Now the above writer says in effect ALL Palestians are guilty cause he heaps a collective gult on ALL of them. So some poor slob of an Arab,who wants to be left alone, is guilty of terrorist acts? Really!!
    Sounds similiar

  3. ira kaufman

    there is practicaly no way to answer such garbage.perhaps i should take the stand of the rebbe who said he would like to love the biggest tzadik as hashem loves the greatest rasha.well lapid certainly is in the running for greatest rasha.

  4. Anonymous

    “I am not referring to crematoria or pogroms, but rather to the persecution, hounding, stone-throwing, undermining of livelihood, scare tactics, spitting and contempt.”

    Wait Tommy, are you talking about religous peopel or You, Meretz, Peace Now? Im getting confused

    Administrativley detain anyone, eh teenagers, children, without charge for months lately??? Break any pacificist resistors bones?

  5. za

    with all due respect, and I have my own issues with the settlers, please let me remind you who Tomy Lapid is:
    In Vienna of the 1870ees there was a guy named Karl Lueger who was elected the mayor of Vienna based on a simple platform with two main messages:
    a) I Karl Lueger, am competent and not corrupted like the others (which was indeed true). And
    b) We hate the Jews.
    This guy invented the modern poloitical Anti-Semitism.
    Going forward to Israel of the late 1990ees and we find a guy Tomy Lapid who got ellected to the Knesset and eventually as a minister in the government based on a simple platform with two main messages:
    a) I Tomy Lapid, am competent and not corrupted like the others (which was proven to actually be untrue; he was both incompetent and corrupted). And
    b) We hate religious Jews.
    This guy is the first Israeli politician that was elected based on Anti-Semitic platform. He is the most despicable individual in Israel and what he says is considered to be untrue. I would consider any other source for the facts that have been stated in this article, but once it came from Tomy Lapid it is a lie regardless of the truthful of the facts.

  6. za

    You may dislike and disagree with religious people and Haredi people as much as you want. You may show were they are ‘wrong’ if it is indeed a fact. you may criticize their deeds and thoughts alright. But once you promote hating them for the sake of hating them or in your case, when you join or appear to join forces with such an individual, you have no more moral authority to criticize them. You crossed the line.
    Please Shmarya, tell me it ain’t so and promoting Tomy Lapid was only a one time slip of judgement. Please stay with the sane and respectable.

  7. Rowan Berkeley

    Lapid is just a big-mouth : “We left the task of protest to the extreme leftist groups, who provoke well-deserved loathing from us all other days of the year” is a textbook case of non-thought.

  8. Anonymous

    Now is everyone getting the true jist of what this Rosenberg animal is. He is just hates religon, his in particular. Chabad is just a straw man. A mad animal may jump at the throat, but any part of the body may do if it can inflict damage.
    First they came for Chabad and I wasnt a Chabadnik so….

    How applicable here.

  9. A typical f-ing Hugarian degenerate.

    Check out my blog on Hungarians

  10. rebeljew

    Lapid is creating tempest in a teacup. Again, even if the Israeli woman is in the wrong here (not yet established all of what transpired), Lapid is a bit overboard. Ya think??

  11. mekky

    what a ugly hungarian half mongol. i hope he overdoses on ham sausages and dies of a massive coronary. that stinking khazar slime.

  12. Neo-Conservaguy

    “Lapid is creating tempest in a teacup. Again, even if the Israeli woman is in the wrong here (not yet established all of what transpired), Lapid is a bit overboard. Ya think??”

    No, I don’t think so at all. RebelJew, what in your most twisted imagination could possibly justify the depravity shown by that settler woman? In what possible way are her actions a qiddush haShem?

    I think the responses to this post show clearly that Jews in general are unable to get past the horrors of the Shoah to see that we, ourselves, have indeed at times crossed the moral lines and abused non-Jewish Arabs. Actually, Jewish Arabs have been abused as well, given the treatment of non-Askenazi Jews in Israel since its modern inception. What chutspa to claim the permanent moral high ground and believe that any and all actions against Arabs are acceptable. Just as we decry the horrible violence against Israelis committed by Arabs on all sides, so to must we decry these acts against a helpless woman – literally a caged animal.

  13. za

    Hey neo-conservaguy
    We may recognize that Jews may be wrong… even setlers, Charedi, etc. However, once we point that Tomy Lapid may be wrong as well, we raise your ire, don’t we?

    So let me set the record straight, in terms that you may (maybe) understand. Nobody in the world is beyond being wrong. One may found faults with and criticize any individual or group that deserve tis criticism. That includes the Conservative, Reform and Secular Jewas as well as the vearious factions within Orthodoxy. At a certain point, when one tries to become a leader like this filth Lapid, he or she does not have to be beyond criticism, but if their leadreship is based on hatered and the call to supress other groups then they are beyond criticism, they are filth.
    Although Lapid is not on the scale of Hitler, his ideology, conceptually, is! And therefore promoting him is no different then promoting Nazism.

  14. ira kaufman

    to anyone with a bit of discretion who has heard tommy speak it will be obvious he is not sincere in his views.he is quite transparent as are perhaps all politicians but here we have a case of one selling his mother.perhaps as will all politicians.he has no agenda but the one which will instill more intrest be it hate or fanatic support.he is a nothing in short.i differ with you za on his ideology.he has none.he is a wasted life as of now.but who knows or can judge.only one who stands in his place.we only see the pityfull results.

  15. YUGUY

    Lapid does not have to be right in order for the Jewish lady to be wrong. I saw the video, and its disgraceful. There was in all probability some inspiration for this tirade that wasnt shown on the video, but who knows. This is the reason why we as Jews, left or right, can’t just act out against people, even if they did deserve it. The media twists and turns things. The New York Times posted a picture of a Jew being beaten and wrote that it was a palestinian boy (gross). We need to realize that everything can be taken out of context, so unless something is perfectly clear to the world, we can’t act. Unfortunately this workd is filled with anti-semitism and when a hater sees a video such as this one, he wont justify saying, ‘oh this arab woman threatened this jewish lady the day before’ (not that she did) or give any second thought to the jewish side of the problem. The anti-semite will also not say, ‘Oh, this is just one crazy Jew, the rest are OK.’ They will generalize, as some posters above me did about arabs, and claim all Jews need some gassing.

    Since we live in a world of Sonei Yisroel, everything we do must be carefully thought out so that we don’t suffer from the negative reprecussions. Every person who acts out in the way this woman did needs to be shown to the world as going against the grain. We cannot excuse an act that makes us look worse to the world than the already see us.

  16. Baal Hamikhtam

    somebody used my ID to make it appear that I had retracted my posted comment, and apologised for it.
    velo hee. never happened!
    I stand by my earlier posting.
    these pretend sanhedrin “rabbohys” are meenim ‘okhrei yisroel and should be treated as such.
    tippoch nishmossan!
    vedeirekh reshoeem ssoyved!

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