Rabbis: Naveh Should Be Killed

Rabbis associated with the new ‘sanhedrin’ have issued a ruling fatwa against OC Central Command Maj.-Gen. Yair Naveh. The JPost reports:

The rabbis, all connected with a movement to resurrect the Sanhedrin, the ancient Jewish governing body, said in their halachic ruling this week that Naveh was guilty of being a moser, a Hebrew word that can be roughly translated as an informant or traitor. Literally, it means someone who transfers another’s property or person to enemy authorities.

The rabbis see the Olmert government as the equivalent of a gentile enemy that "evilly and violently expels and causes mental and physical damage to Jews."

Maimonides ruled in his Mishneh Torah: "It is permitted to kill a Jewish moser anywhere, even today when rabbinic courts are not permitted to decide on capital punishment matters."

Maimonides stipulated that the death penalty is issued even if the person is not currently involved in traitorous activity but is expected to do so again in the future. Naveh’s supposed treason consists of signing administrative orders prohibiting approximately 20 right-wing extremists who live in Judea and Samaria from returning to their homes and families for an indefinite period.

The IDF said that the orders, which were issued without a trial, have prevented clashes between settlers and Palestinians.

However, the rabbis said the administrative orders were part of Naveh’s plan to "prepare settlements in Judea and Samaria for transfer to the enemy. Abandoning these places to foreigners endangers Jewish lives."

In the halachic decision, which is personally addressed to Naveh, who is Orthodox, the rabbis accuse him of transgressing the prohibition against "passively standing by while your brother is killed."

Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, head of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem and a former IDF rabbi, signed the decision together with Rabbis Reuven Hass, Yehuda Edri and Ido Elbo, and Prof. Hillel Weiss of Bar-Ilan University.…

The ‘sanhedrin’s’ leader is Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz. He did not sign this fatwa. He should also resign from the ‘sanhedrin’ to protest this insanity.



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18 responses to “Rabbis: Naveh Should Be Killed

  1. rebeljew

    Whatever happened to the Pulsa D’Nura?

    This sanhedrin game seemed cute when they were just bringing Moshiach and ruling on the position of the moon. They don’t seem so cute anymore.

  2. B”H
    Yashar Koach! (More power!) to the Sanhedrin members for respecting Torah and halocha – the will of G-d over public opinion.

  3. Baal Hamikhtam

    The ‘sanhedrin’s’ leader is Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz. He did not sign this fatwa. He should also resign from the ‘sanhedrin’ to protest this insanity.

    …..actually, apart from his scholarship, he is not any better a person himself.
    adin (eidel) with a small a he certainly is not.
    a wicked, diminutif, cynical, soft spoken -just for show- megalomaniac totally enamoured with himself.
    he is driven by the will to show off that he is more observant than others.

  4. Baal Hamikhtam

    last week, maariv’s nrg yahadut run a feature which they called, the sanhedrin’s revival.
    In it, the reader learned:
    1- that the sanhedrin is now debating an initiative to convert 10’s of thousands of palestinians to judaism,
    2- that the sanhedrin intends to make the noahides commandments an international
    norm to be taught to all the gentiles around the world.
    3- should reservists agree to be drafted under emergency?
    4- ammona residents should have fought fearlessly against the state.
    5-an idf officer, that is involved in disengagement, cannot be called to the torah.
    6- are the bahais and the druze to be considered as compliant with noahide rules or plain idolaters?
    how to invite them to be educated?
    7-the intention is to slowly turn the state of israel into a halakhistan state governed by this body that calls itself sanhedrin

  5. Naveh’s crime was that he didn’t let a 20 member caravan return to their doublewides. It was not the “evacuation” of an established settlement, but just a military decision on a particular few people. He judged that these 20 mobile homes were not worth the risk to 50 soldiers aged 18-21. Why are these conscripted soldiers lives any less valuable than the “point” that these settlers were making. Naveh is generally sympathetic to the settlement enterprise, and he claims he is frum.

    To AS, where in the Torah does it say that 20 mobile homes are worth the risk and vulnerability to conscripted soldiers? I seem to have missed that parsha.

  6. Neo-Conservaguy

    Put them in jail – their actions are against the law of the land, and they should be held accountable for this threat of murder. These guys need a dose of reality.

  7. Anonymous

    what do you expect from a guy named aidian

  8. cassi

    The end is near guys.

    The Rabbis work that sustained Judaism will now foolishly and unkowningly destroy it by wanting to go backwards and not forward.

    Maybe Churchill was right when he noted “the greeks and the jews are two peoples prone to self destruction”

    According to some,times were actually better in the ancient times, just like the Taliban believe.

  9. B”H
    “To AS, where in the Torah does it say that 20 mobile homes are worth the risk and vulnerability to conscripted soldiers? I seem to have missed that parsha.

    Posted by: rebeljew | January 20, 2007 at 05:49 PM ”

    Where does the Torah/halocha say it’s permitted for Jews to prevent other Jews from fulfilling the mitzvah of settling the land of Yisrael? To throw them out of their homes or caravans?
    Did they ask to be defended? Did they agree for Neveh or Olmert to have power of attorney over them? In principle anyone who comes to throw you out of your home can be shot on sight including Neve or Olmert the only reasons not to do so are rooted in expediency not principle.

  10. Daryavesh commander of the Achashteronim of Hashem!

    the koyfer/min is arguing:
    “to prevent other Jews from fulfilling the mitzvah of settling the land of Yisrael?”
    and i ask myself:
    such a great mitzve, why did the deceased (bar minnan) tzeilem (or for that matter the min himself) never bothered to do it?
    must be that the avode zoreh is exempt from the mitzves, no?

  11. Baal Hamikhtam

    I wish to apologize for my earlier comments. Im the idiot megalomaniac here. Im the nobody who has written nothing and am trying to prove I am more of a saintly jew then Adin.
    I will now do Tsuvah and hang myself.

  12. Baal Hamikhtam

    somebody used my ID to make it appear that I had retracted my posted comment, and apologised for it.
    velo hee. never happened!
    I stand by my earlier posting.
    these pretend sanhedrin “rabbohys” are meenim ‘okhrei yisroel and should be treated as such.
    tippoch nishmossan!
    vedeirekh reshoeem ssoyved!

  13. B”H
    “Daryavesh commander of the Achashteronim of Hashem!”
    I presumed your slander comments are addressed to me.
    Why do you call me a min? For saying that Moshiach is called by G-d’s name? That’s in the Talmud you ignoramus Bav Basra 75B and see Rabbeinu Gershom there.(It’s scanned on my site if you want that)
    You don’t know what my beliefs are how can you call me a min or idol-worshipper?

    How are you any better than Slifkin bashers who condemned him without reading his books but only on hearsay?
    As far as there is no Beis haMikdash there is no mitzvah to setlle the land min haTorah only miderabonan according to majority opinion. However in truth what I said applies anywhere a Nazi officer coming to evict Jews from their homes can be shot (my great great grandfather actually did that in Besarabia in the begining of the WW2) on sight so does an FBI man or Tzahal man it doesn’t matter where in the world it is but it’s doubly a crime in the so called “State of Israel” which was supposedly established to create refuge for all Jews. It’s government is morally bankrupt and is rebelling against G-d , His Torah and common sense thus it’s only a question of expediency if this or that government member should be declared a moser / rodef or approached in a peaceful way.

  14. Ben613

    Check out what the Sanhedrin itself says about this http://www.thesanhedrin.org/en/legal/psak5767Shevat28.html

  15. Daryavesh commander of the Achashteronim of Hashem!

    Reb Ariel
    My comments, (not slander) were reffered to you and your kind.
    Maschiach will be called by G-d’s name, means reffered to as servant of G-d. Such as Ovad-i.ah.
    Such as greeting beshem, vayomer lakotzrim hashem immakhem. (berakhot).
    Taking the gemarah or the scripture literally in this case, is what Maimonides calls good for peta-eem.
    By current Jewish (distinctly from your and yours) norms, your vocabulary used is not acceptable.
    Even if you accept literal interpretation, it is more important to establish a seyag here than say on what is acceptable in hekhsher of a fork.
    Rabbi? That’s a bit stretching it, don’t you think?
    Ve-eedakh, zeel ugmor.
    I take my religion very seriously, and will not allow the clowns to make chuka ve-itlula out of it.

  16. Yoshkeh

    Maschiach will be called by G-d’s name, means reffered to as servant of G-d. Such as Ovad-i.ah.

    Oy the same silly answers to deny the truth of the G-d Messiah. And tomorrow, Igros will declare that Rebitzin Chana was a virgin. You read it here first.

  17. Anonymous

    wow chabad are really lost

  18. Anonymous

    “Igros will declare that Rebitzin Chana was a virgin”.
    …..gee, I don’t really know.
    what would the poor father r’levi yitzhak
    make of that, yoshke?
    though you probably know a thing or two on immaculate conception.

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