Gaza More Than One Year On

Ha’aretz reports on the evacuees from Gaza:

…The sequence of events at Givat Hazan amply illustrates the bureaucracy and official foot-dragging regarding the evacuees’ permanent residences. The families originally wanted to settle in Egoz, but the site was vetoed out of environmental protection considerations. Givat Hazan was proposed as an alternative, but it is next to a firing range that the Israel Defense Forces is loath to relinquish. The families have been waiting for months for an answer, and the issue has reached as far as the Prime Minister’s Bureau.…

The government was willing to settle these people in permanent homes; all the settlers needed to do was leave Gaza on schedule and without rioting. They did neither, because their rabbis told them not to. This does not excuse byzantine "bureaucracy and official foot-dragging," and it does not get the government off the hook. Those of you who supported the Gaza riots and who urged Jews to stay in Gaza, now need to find ways to financially help these people. They made their lives immeasurably worse by fighting Disengagement. You encouraged them to fight. It’s time for you – rabbis included – to pony up.


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5 responses to “Gaza More Than One Year On

  1. justlevine

    Even those who left willingly – of which there was a good amount – and went to the government and filed all the paperwork dont have what they were promised. Dont blame the government’s inadequacy on the evacuees.
    And for the record, it wasnt that they didnt leave because “the rabbis said so.” Noone, rabbi and settler alike, thought the evacuation would happen.

  2. B”H
    Right, Shmaryah they should have left “willingly” like the Jews of “Anatevka” in “Fiddler on the Roof” (
    did. How much more so since in this case they were thrown out of their homes by a democratically elected mostly “Jewish” “Zionist” government that was originally created supposedly to prevent just such events of Jews being dragged out of their homes by soldiers and police marginalized , mocked humiliated assaulted etc.
    Even Rabbi Avi Shafran Shlit”a the official spokesman of the “Chareidi” “non Zionist” Agudas Yisroel of America clearly said not to fight the soldiers since this decision was made by a legitimate government.
    I say these troublemakers must be thrown into ovens and gas chambers to end this settler problem once and for all, to create some libenarium-living space for all real post-Zionists and our Palestinian brothers and sisters with complete and true post-Zionist 3rd Reich I meant 3rd Temple sorry!

  3. Baal Hamikhtam

    somebody used my ID to make it appear that I had retracted my posted comment, and apologised for it.
    velo hee. never happened!
    I stand by my earlier posting.
    these pretend sanhedrin “rabbohys” are meenim ‘okhrei yisroel and should be treated as such.
    tippoch nishmossan!
    vedeirekh reshoeem ssoyved!

  4. eli the israeli

    Obviously you have very little knowledge about Israeli matters.

    There was never any solution for the settlers, for example the community of alei Sinai signed a joint agreement with SELA yet they are still stuck in temporary residence.

    In fact reading the article you link to I fined hard to understand were you got the idea the lack of settler cooperation is related to the current trouble.

    Perhaps you should learn Hebrew and start learning the issue seriously.

  5. Baal Hamikhtan

    Im still not sure of my stance. Im an idiot like Shmarya who doesnt do anyting constructive with my stance, yet I admire all those who I revile because they have done something with lives.
    Im sorry to pick on Adin Steinsaltz, but look at all the work he has done in the area of making talmud more accesible to your average joe.
    And I?? Well I havent done anything worthwhile with my life. I dont write I dont teach so a poofta like myself shouldnt complain when others have and make mistakes like all humans do. All my life im a Shakran and Ramai, Zevel of the worst sort. Forgive me all.

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