Yemenite Jews Forced To Flee

Ha’aretz reports:

Some 45 Jews of Sa’ada county in Yemen left their homes after being threatened by radical Muslims, the Saudi daily Al Wattan reported on Monday.

According to the report, the extremists told the Jews to leave their homes within ten days, after which time they will be exposed to abductions and looting.

The Jews moved into a hotel in the town of Sa’ada, north of the Yemenite capital Sana. A formal complaint was submitted to the Yemenite President Abdullah Salah, the report said.…

The Jewish community in Yemen consists of several hundred members, who are not interested in leaving it. The Jews maintain a community life, including a cheder for children’s torah instruction and to pray.



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5 responses to “Yemenite Jews Forced To Flee

  1. Anonymous

    Notice that since he cant find a way to exploit this terror and lay the blame onto the Yemenite Rabbis or any other Rabbi for that matter he remains silent without his usual vitriolic comments.

    Maybe Yemenites are not black enough for him to give a dam about.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree. Shmarya, you never seem to condemn the terrorists, like you condemn rabbis in your long posts about how bad you think they are. Maybe you’re one of those dovish jews who thinks terrorists are human beings and trying to condemn militant islam will just make things worse. Or maybe you don’t want to condemn terrorists, for fear that it could cause you to contradict yourself on the gaza evacuation and other opinions you have about israeli politics. Why don’t you start a fund for these jews like you did for those ethiopian kids, or at least encourage people to do whatever is in their power to help our Jewish brethren. Any suggestions on what we can do?

  3. 1. Go to the rabbis that opposed Disengagement and force them to set up funds to help these people.

    2. Give money to said funds, as long as the funds’ records are transparent.

    As for the Yemenites, I almost wrote that Satmar has encourged them to stay in Yemen – which is true.

    Anyway, I focous on the problem within Orthodoxy. That’s what I write about. Need I constantly mention terrorism is bad? Please.

  4. Neo-Conservaguy

    I had no idea any Jews remained in Yemen; sadly, they also faced troubles in Israel by the racist dominant Jewish population as well. A friend from a Yemenite village in Israel loves to tell a story of someone from their village that sneaked back into Yemen with another country’s passport and went to visit the old village. It was unoccupied and in close to the same condition as when it was rapidly evacuated decades ago. When a local Muslim was asked why the buildings hadn’t been taken over for use by Muslims, the story goes they were freaked out by sounds at night – sounds of chanting Jewish prayers in Yemenite Hebrew – coming from the old shul in the center of the village. It’s either a great campfire story or a rather strange tail indeed.

  5. Yirmiyahu

    You would argue that terrorists aren’t people?

    Are you sane?

    They may be the most despicable people in the whole world, but to deny that they are human beings (however inhumane) is equivalent to saying “I have no brain function.”

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