How Accurate Is Kosher Today?

How accurate is Kosher Today? Not very. The same issue that reported on the broken "friendship" between Rabbis Morris Allen and Asher Zeilingold has this to say about why Saint Paul’s kosher meat market closed about one year ago:

Many Kosher Stores Close Due to Lack of Succession

New York… In many markets, the closing of a kosher grocery store or restaurant is immediate cause for blame. “It’s the fault of the large supermarkets,” is one often heard argument. “The community does not patronize the store,” is yet another frequently heard opinion as to why a kosher restaurant closes. But a deeper look at some recent closings in cities like St. Paul, Cincinnati, Kansas City and others points to an often neglected culprit: “succession.” Children may have moved away from the community or are in any case involved in other pursuits.…

The truth is the Saint Paul store had been in financial straits for years. Then, the building housing it was sold, and the new owners wanted more than triple the rent. The store owner could not pay the increase, so he negotiated a deal with a local supermarket to have a kosher meat concession. That deal was nixed (before it was signed) by Rabbi Asher Zeilingold, who wanted a different set up. (I’m told this had nothing to do with any kosher issues.) The owner of the kosher store simply closed up and went into another business. And, for the record, he had no children then old enough to take over the business.

Who, one might ask, was Kosher Today’s source for this story? My guess is Rabbi Asher Zeilingold, who certainly played a major role in Kosher Today’s smear of Rabbi Morris Allen and the Conservative Movement.

[I should note that Rabbi Zeilingold is the rabbi who excommunicated me.]



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12 responses to “How Accurate Is Kosher Today?

  1. chief doofis

    I’m curious. Where does Asher Zelingold have Semicha from?

    If he is Chabad, is he Meshichist? Elohist?
    If either is true, who is he to excommunicate anyone?

    Even if he is not Meshichist, the Torah learning at most Chabad institutions is miniscule. Chassidus, the Tanya, the other works that they waste all their time studying, is not what a Rabbi needs to know (other than as an adjunct to true Torah knowledge, similar to studying Jewish History, Art, etc.)

    Excommunicating someone is not something to be taken lightly. Please note that to date, noone has seriously excommunicated any of the splinter groups in today’s Judaism. It is permissible to sell food to a Reform Jew, a Secular Humanistic Jew, etc.

    The only Jews who really ought to be excommunicated are the guys who run arouind preaching that a dead Rabbi is the Messiah and their even worse buddys, who claim that he is G-d!!

  2. B”H
    If you sign your own name as “chief doofis ”
    who are you to advocate excommunicating anyone for crying outloud?:-)

  3. chief doofis

    I am a duly ordained Orthodox Rabbi. I have been teaching Jewish History for 30 years. I am very familiar with many of the medieval Vikuchim with Christians.

    I am not advocating excommunication for anyone. However, I feel that someone who espouses a real False Messiah, should not excommunicate Shmarya, since , after all, he could not possibly be advocating anything worse than a Meshichist, and certainly not worse than an Elohist!!

    While I’d PERSONALLY choose not to daven in a Chabad synagogue ascribing to either of those beliefs, and I won’t trust their food, etc., I would not publicly espouse their excommunication, or anyone else’s. I don’t agree with your Pilegesh program either, but I certainly think you are entitled to your opinion (although extreme care must be taken to avoid serious halachik problems) and I don’t feel you ought to be excommunicated.

    Chabad, in its present form, is a threat to Jewish theology. Our ancestors faced Inquisitions, pogroms, gas chambers, exile, etc., DENYING that a dead man could be the long awaited Messiah. The concept of a carnate god, is pure idolatry. Excommunicating Chabadniks would only destroy our chance for dialogue, and /or the opportunity to let this pest wither on the vine. Additionally, innocent Chabad followers would be forced to suffer.

    As to my choice of the cognomen “Chief Doofis”, don’t judge a book by its cover!!

  4. Ma Rabbi

    “Chief Doofis is really Dr. David Berger.

  5. chief doofis

    I am proud to be a student of Professor Berger’s, However, David Berger knows infinitely more than I do. Chief Doofis is NOT David Berger!!

  6. Ahavat bat Sarah

    Since food made with “mixed seeds” – that is, genetically modified seeds with pork, shellfish, and other unclean genetic material inserted into them – and cows that eat ground up remains, including blood, of other cows instead of “chewing the cud” are certified kosher, it’s pretty plain that kosher certification is a joke. When they refuse to certify anything that isn’t organic, then I’ll be interested. Until then, let them just keep on eating their blood, pig DNA, harmful chemicals and artificial hormones. They are what they eat, after all. And it shows, I might add.

  7. Anonymous


    WHo is excommunicating anybody? In fact, Shmarya’s “excommunication” is in his fertile imagination only.

    Here are Rabbi Zeilingold’s actual words:

    I will end with the demand that Mr. Scott (Shmarya) Rosenberg immediately disband the website and provide evidence that he has done Teshuva which includes accepting upon himself never to do anything like this in the future.

    No terms of “seruv”, “niduy”, “cherem” or the like appear anywhere in this letter. There is only a very strongly worded, er, request that Shmarya change his ways.

    Yes, “Excommunicating someone is not something to be taken lightly”. However, so to is casting aspersions on Rabbis you have never met and know little about. OTOH, Man deposeil…

  8. Genius, try to process. Rabbi Z did the following. Will not allow me to be:

    1. counted in a minyan.
    2. have aliyot
    3. lead davening
    4. he told congregants not to invite me to simchot
    5. he told people to stop doing business with me

    Just because Rabbi Z did not put the word cherem (excommunication) in the public letter he wrote does not mean he did not treat me as if I were excommunicated and demand others treat me that way as well.

    A little tip for your addled Chabad brain. Rabbi Z did this to two other congregants previously. The case was settled in beit din, after the congregants had to go to secular court to force Rabbi Z to a) go to beit din and b) follow the synagogue’s bylaws with regard to how that beit din is chosen.

    Now slink off.

  9. chief doofis

    How did I guess that R. Zeilingold was a Chabadnik? I must be brilliant. And these are the people, that unlike the Litvish , the Yeshiva crowd, etc, “love all jews” (until they realize we aren’t interested in their “krum” theology. (Someone ought to read a biography of Martin Luther, early in his career, he was in favor of kindness to Jews, when we rejected him, he preached our destruction)

    Yes, Shmarya has a blog zone, that claims the Rebbe (zecher tsaddik l’vracah) was unconcerned with Ethiopian Jews. Someones else claims that, he wrote a letter, but never mailed it. Who cares? It is not forbidden for us to criticise a Rabbi.

    The Yerushalmi tells us how R. Yohanan ben Torta crticised R. Akiva (the greatest Tanna?). When R. akiva endorsed the Messianic claims of the “freerdiker False Messiah” – Bar Cochba, R. Yochanan b. Torta exclaimed “Akiva, grasses will grow from your cheeks (not the ones on your face), and the Son of David will not have arrived.

    Ben Torta was a student of R Akiva. His comment was in very poor taste (although he was right). He was not put in Cherem.

    Shmarya has a blog. Items carried therein are sometimes disrespectful, sometimes in poor taste. I like to peruse the site. I don’t always agree with what he says. Nonetheless, if he walked in to my shul, and didn’t do anything untoward, he’d be eligible for an aliya, although someone who was wearing a “yechi” kipa, would be offered a different one to wear while he got his aliya.

    If you don’t like Shmarya’s blog, turn it off!! If Rabbi Zeilingold would have been doing the daf yomi, a Mishna Yomis, or learning a little Mishna B’rura, intead of checking out the blog, he would have become a little wiser, and Shmarya would not be railing against him!!

  10. YUGUY

    Chief Doofis, I admire you. You always speak with wisdom.

  11. YUGUY

    Chief Doofis, I admire you. You always speak with wisdom.

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