The Rebbe and Rabbi JB Soleveitchik

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16 responses to “The Rebbe and Rabbi JB Soleveitchik

  1. YUGUY

    In the 60’s, the Rav may very well have agreed with the Rebbe that Kiruv is important. He would also agree that Kiruv is important today. Unfortunately, the Kiruv can no longer be done in conjunction with Chabad, but we must be Mekarev people that were indoctrinated by chabad.

  2. Anonymous

    “we must be Mekarev people that were indoctrinated by chabad.”

    What is that supposed to mean? You’re saying that you want to focus efforts on getting Jews out of chabad? Focus on jews who have no Jewish education and leave chabadniks alone.

  3. YUGUY

    We need to fix the probelm of Chabad before we are facing a full fledged neo-christianity. The last time the Jewish nation split like this over a false dead messiah resulted in a creation of one of the harshest religions in history toward Judaism.

  4. Anonymous

    Until chabad says you should discard halacha, and that those who don’t believe in the rebbe cannot go to heaven, I wouldnt worry.

  5. Yochanan Lavie

    The torah says you shouldn’t add or subtract from it. The Sabbateans were antinomians. Super-nominianism (aka “chumrah of the month club”), is also wrong. Also, ideas do matter, because they eventually have behavirial consequences. So I agree with YU Guy.

  6. Anonymous

    You agree with YUGUY that we should do kiruv to take people away from chabad, with the goal being to eventually have all chabadniks become ashkenazi? Chabad is one of the most wonderful helpful movements for the Jewish people, and was a key part in its recovery after the holocaust. How many people wouldn’t even know what it means to be jewish if it werent for chabad? Thousands of Jews have, in the last few decades alone, become more religious through this movement.
    As to the other charge that chabad will radically split from judaism, this also is false. The same thing was said about the chassidic movement when it first began, and it hasnt become the next shabbatean movement yet or abandoned halacha. What chabad is doing with the rebbe, the bretslov did something similar with Rabbi Nachman almost 200 years ago, and they haven’t become a new religion either. So given the history of chassidism in this regard, I’m not worried that chabad will abandon reason and become a new religon over time.

  7. YUGUY

    If you are not worried about chabad splitting off, you are very naive. By saying that the rebbe is alive, people abandon what we refer to as ‘common sense.’ By claiming he is mashiach, they are abondoning ‘logic.’ By claiming he is God they abadon ‘Halacha.’ I bet you people were not worried about Jesus’s followers starting their own religion. They probably thought it would die down after a few years.

    The Theology of the 770 Vatican will spread as more and more unsuspecting Russian Jews are fed the lies of the Rebbe’s Godliness. I say Russians because that is the easiest recognizable target group, but obviously many others are indoctrinated as well.

    There is ALREADY a radical split. How long after Jesus died to they start saying he was teh son of God, cause for the Rebbe it was less than 10 before people called him the Creator.

    If a Jew for Jesus goes to a frat house in a Kentucky college and is Mekarev some of the Jewish Unaffiliated, does that make them good people? NO! They are being brought closer (mikarev) to filth! They are becoming Ovdei Avodah Zarah, however unknowingly!

    Chabad Kiruv has a similar problem, although not as full-fledged yet as Jews for Jesus. Give them 200 years of recruiting and evolution, maybe they’ll come around…..

    WAKE UP! THIS IS THE START OF YET ANOTHER ENEMY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE. Maybe in 300 years it’ll turn up that the Jews killed the rebbe…. Maybe one day you will realize the error and atrocity of your ‘indifference.’

  8. Yochanan Lavie

    In fact, many early Christians didn’t abandon halacha, at first. They even demanded that Gentile converts undergo milah and mikvah. That was the “machloket” between Peter and Paul. Eventually, the Council at Nicea made the break with Judaism more pronounced and permanent.

    I’m not saying that Chabad will necessarily abandon Halacha. Only time will tell. Depsite the admittedly good work they do with outreach and education, I cannot abide their theology.

  9. so… what was Rav Soleveitchik’s answer to his question?

  10. How many people wouldn’t even know what it means to be jewish if it werent for chabad? – Chabad doesn’t teach people how to be Jewish, they each people how to be Chabad.
    No need to pay attention to any of MY opinions, though; it’s not like I have a fucking clue on this topic, right?

  11. ploni

    If Chabad would have tried conducting their activiies as recently as 75 years ago which was the last era of true Gedolim thy would have effectively been halted by the mainstream Orthodox leadership.As there is no leadership today because every Orthodox segment is only interested in protecting their own turf, Chabad is free to pursue and advance their stupidities without any effective criticism. We are a dor Yosom who are in dire need for this bitter Galus to end. Every segment of current Orthodox Jewry is corrupt from top to bottom. Chassidim and Litvish in fighting. Even in Chabad. Wake up people and you will see that I am only saying the truth

  12. Ben Qor'ha (Baldwin)

    Anon says,
    “Chabad is one of the most wonderful helpful movements for the Jewish people”,

    ??? it is some time now that this kingdom of deceipt crossed the line out of normative judaism!
    their inspired so called Baal Tshuva -and family-, is a net loss to the jewish people.

  13. this so called ‘Christian’ ideology is one stated by the REBBE about the Previous Rebbe, publicly over 50 years ago! in fact even in his first public (printed) discourse as Rebbe. Yet no-one said anything!? the unfortunate thing about Judaism is that – we have a tradition of NOT arguing with Zaddikim of previous generations, if there was anyone on a similar level to the Rebbe who argued against this point in his lifetime – then fair enough, if they called him a Christan then great – but now he can’t answer back – he has won the arguement. that is it. Judaism changes – the Previous Rebbe is the Messiah!

  14. Rav Hutner argued with the Rebbe and condemned him for that very point. And he did so in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s.

  15. Ben Qor'ha (Baldwin)

    “Judaism changes – the Previous Rebbe is the Messiah! “???!
    Says Max
    In that case, Hillel in Sanhedrin who said -ein mashiach leyisrael, shekvar achaluhu biymei Hizkiyah, or thereabout- was right!
    Since that one you mentioned never really served as Mashiach and brought about only machloket.

  16. David

    I agree we need to do kiruv – the whole world needs to be sephardi 🙂

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