Israel’s First “Secular Yeshiva” Opens

Jewish texts like the the Torah, Talmud and Mishna are studied. What’s missing? God, and any idea of commandments. Ynet (briefly) reports.



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3 responses to “Israel’s First “Secular Yeshiva” Opens

  1. Yochanan Lavie

    The torah belongs to the entire people, even the atheists. This yeshiva isn’t my cup of tea, but good luck to them.

  2. Dave

    I agree with Yochanan. This yeshiva will start out by being atheistic, but eventually it will change, because the students and teachers will realize that there’s no point to their study if they don’t believe in G-d.

  3. Anonymous

    I heard they wont give Shmarya a smicha either. No suprise there.

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