Mohel Who Maimed Baby Is Baby’s Father

Vos Iz Neias reports that the mohel in this sad story turns out to be the baby’s own father. Was he licensed? Trained? Experienced? I doubt it. I also doubt he was – or is – sane. Perhaps that insanity will keep him out of jail …



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2 responses to “Mohel Who Maimed Baby Is Baby’s Father

  1. It’s very common for the mohel to allow the father to do the actual cutting. I know people who have done this; presumably if it’s set up properly special skill isn’t required.

    My questions are: Is the father a supervised mohel (mohelim are licensed in Israel)? If not was he supervised by a mohel?

    If the father was the mohel, the part about the mohel leaving the building and then the parents noticing the bleeding doesn’t make sense.

  2. Warren

    I only once heard of a father taking the mohel up on the offer to do the cutting, the father was a medical doctor, and the mohel didn’t just supervise, but guided his hand.

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