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… is located here. For now, this site functioning as a backup and will be updated sporadically. Please leave all comments on the main website (unless that site is down). Thank you.



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3 responses to “Our Main Website …

  1. rabbichaimmoshe

    you haven’t responded to my challenge to you .you are an ignoramus of the first order. you hate chassidim especially the lubavitchers who mekareved you.
    you leave the impression that niturey karta were created by chassidic Rebbes;untrue-the niturey karta are all from the talmidim of the vilner gaon hardly a chassidic Rebbe!
    the fact that they use writings of the Chassidim to support their crazy ideas is the same as you using
    any Rabbi to support your insane hatred.
    why do you kvell in the garbage of others?
    because your own mind is a sewer!
    if you stood for something other than hate we would see something else that was positive on your pages. how about some chessed and a devar Torah mr. bigger than everyonelse?
    chaim moshe

  2. 1. The main site is up. Leave your comment there.

    2. Neturei Karta uses (and used) the hteology of the Satmar, Munkatch and Lubavitch rebbes as the major theological basis for their organization.

    I responded to you on the correct post stating this. I would also note that other people responded to you, as well, pointing this out.

  3. Warren

    It seems that not just your main site becomes unreachable every weekend, but all of typepad.com. I think it’s a DNS problem. typepad.com’s nameservers are ns1.sixapart.com (and ns2 …) which are really slow (at least from my ISP in Israel) at the moment, and I think that DNS times out. Talk to typepad.com about this.

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