The Lies Of Kosher Today Exposed

I wrote two weeks ago that the claim made by Kosher Today that OSHA had inspected Rubashkin’s Postville, Iowa plant and given the plant a clean bill of health, was most likely false. I pointed out that the man who made that claim, Rabbi Asher Zeilingold, was unreliable, and that he has a close business relationship with Rubashkin. I called OSHA and Iowa state officials and reported that no official visit was made by Federal or State Plan OSHA, and that the only possible "inspection" that could have taken place would been a consult done through the state’s consultancy program, which is not an inspection and has no bearing on what plant practices were before it or after it, but even this seemed unlikely.

The Forward has picked up this story (although it did not bother to give this blog a hat tip), and it did the one thing that I could not do – ask Rabbi Asher Zeilingold what the truth is. Here is what Rabbi Zeilingold told the Forward this week:

…Zeilingold, who is paid to provide kosher certification for the meat
at AgriProcessors, was an early defender of the company when the
original allegations appeared in the Forward. In Kosher Today,
Zeilingold said that the Conservative task force was “delighted to
accept all the lies and slander of the Forward article as absolute
truth because it gave them a pretext by which they could gain entry
into AgriProcessors and other plants positing as the champions of
‘kashrut’ and the rights of workers.”

Conservative counterpart, Rabbi Morris Allen, was not contacted for the
Kosher Today article, but Allen’s synagogue did write a letter to the
publication, defending their religious leader.

Rabbi Allen’s efforts — which are of no financial benefit to him — are
attacked by fellow Jews who also believe in the sanctity of kosher laws
is unfair and misguided,” the letter said.

addition to the criticism of Allen, Zeilingold told Kosher Today that
an official for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration had
visited AgriProcessors and gave him a report praising the company’s
labor practices.

Reached this week, Zeilingold
said he could not release the OSHA report; however, he did say that the
OSHA official was not working in an official capacity when he made his
but rather as a “private consultant.”

My understanding is OSHA would like to find this "OSHA official" and discipline him. OSHA regional head Charles "Chuck" Adkins told me he wanted to find the man because no one has the right to represent OSHA unless he is on official business. "I want to put the hammer down on him," Adkins said.

Rabbi Asher Zeilingold’s veracity can further be determined by reading the data posted here.

[I should also note that Rabbi Zeilingold is the rabbi who excommunicated me.]

UPDATE: 2-8-07– I have now
confirmed the "OSHA inspection" was done by an employee of Federal OSHA
on his own time. It was not a full inspection, was not sanctioned or
approved by OSHA, and was arranged by Rabbi Zeilingold’s friend Carlos Carbonera (this
"inspector" is a friend of Carbonera’s). OSHA’s regional head Chuck
Adkins told me again today that he will "bring the hammer down" on anyone,
this inspector included, who uses OSHA’s name without permission. He
also pointed out that what this inspector did was a violation of
OSHA’s "internal rules and regulations."



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6 responses to “The Lies Of Kosher Today Exposed

  1. Isa

    Is R. Zeilingold blind, in that he has to rely totally on others for reading stuff?

  2. He is visually impaired and legally blind, but he can read with magnification.

  3. I wish I didn't have to

    The Forward article neglected to mention on eother important item. Kosher Today is written by Menchem Lubinsky (who they do quote), but he is/was a paid PR consultant for Agri in this specific matter. How can he be writting ‘news accounts’ in an unbiased fashion?

    In fact, the Forward mentions that ML didn’t even contact Morris Alan for comment before running a story about him. Great journalistic ethics….

  4. D

    “Rabbi Asher Zeilingold’s veracity can further be determined by reading the data posted here.”

    Just what exactly are we supposed to be looking at there? I just see a lot of documents without any context. What story are they supposed to tell?

  5. A non-existent second congregation set up as a straw non-profit. Non-payment of taxes. Two houses claimed as residences. Second and larger home owned by a non-existent non-profit. Zeilingold’s kosher business owned completely by the synagogue but the synagogue had (has?) no oversight of same. Where does the money go? And more.

  6. Louis

    I just heard a rumor from a friend in Los Angeles that there’s a new kosher produce company that they’re going to make the restaurants buy from, and that the reason the produce is so kosher is that they put pesticide on the seed when it gets planted! Can you believe where this is all leading. Now we have to feed our kids lettuce that has been poisoned! The company is called Postiv, I think.

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