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Down In A Power Outage

The latest word:

TypePad, Vox, and LJ are unreachable for many due to a power problem @ hosting facility, also affecting Technorati and Craigslist. More soon

Why no mirror sites? Maybe a techie or two out there can explain this to us.


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TypePad Is Down

It appears that all of TypePad is down. I’m waiting to hear when it will be back up. In the meantime, I’ll repost a few newer posts here.

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Our Main Website …

… is located here. For now, this site functioning as a backup and will be updated sporadically. Please leave all comments on the main website (unless that site is down). Thank you.


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If We Are Down

If this blog is down, or if it does not seem to be updated, go to the Failed Messiah main site:

Also, please leave comments there and not here. Only comment here if the main site is down. Thank you.

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More On Former President Carter

Neal Sher, the former Justice Department official who recently released damaging evidence on former President Carter’s "ethics," blogs over at, where he writes more about what many say is our worst ex-President ever.

UPDATE: A commenter is quick to bring up Neal Sher’s past misdeeds. I admidt, I did not remember (perhaps I never knew) that Sher had been disbarred. Thankfully, the guys over at Powerline, who issued a warning about Sher when the Carter story broke, have linked to the NY Sun, which has helpfully posted the original documents. Read the Sun piece for more information. The documents are posted below. (Click to enlarge.)




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New J-Blog

Steven I. Weiss has launched a new subdivision, so to speak – a new blog under his Canonist banner. Written by Menachem Wecker, "Iconia," SIW writes, "is a blog about the intersection of religion and art… It’s the first of what will hopefully be several specialty blogs to launch under the Canonist banner."

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Did Dennis Prager Praise A Plagiarist? A Paid Hack?

If Luke Ford is correct, the answer is yes.

Luke has a great new site design, too.


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