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The Good Guys Fight Back

Rabbi Yakov Horowitz writes:

Since my “Keeping Our Children Safe From Sexual Abuse” column was posted, I received many emails from compassionate people looking to become part of the solution and help fund the abuse-prevention booklet that I wrote about at the end of my column. In fact, an editor who works in graphic design even offered his services to this project pro bono.

Quite a number of people requested that I create a venue for those who wish to make donations to this particular project (the abuse-prevention booklet) and/or for those who wish to fund some of the projects that I have been writing about in my columns over the past months and years.

To honor these requests and to help actualize many of my dreams for the enhancement of educational and social opportunities for Jewish children around the world, I am pleased to inform my readers that I am initiating the "Bright Beginnings Program." (Within 30 days, I hope to post a mission statement for Bright Beginnings on my website and list details regarding some of the programs that I would like to move from concept to reality.)

In order to provide prudent financial management and oversight, I asked two highly respected askanim (lay leaders), Mr. Barry Ray (Chicago) and Mr. Mendel Zilberberg, (Brooklyn), to serve as trustees and Co-Chairman of the Bright Beginnings Program. Michael Stein, CPA, a partner at the accounting firm of Brand Sonnenschine LLP, (New York, New York) has graciously volunteered his services pro bono and will be serving as Treasurer of Bright Beginnings.

In order to provide financial reporting and transparency to current and prospective donors, Mr. Stein will be posting interim quarterly financial statements of Bright Beginnings on my website, and will be engaging the services of an outside accounting firm to conduct an annual, year-end audit, which will also be posted on my website.

Bright Beginnings will be a division of The Center for Jewish Family Life, a 501-c3 that I founded several years ago to support Jewish families in the quest to raise self-confident, well-adjusted children. Bright Beginnings will operate as a separate entity and 100% of your donation will go to funding its programs.

We welcome those who wish to contribute to the publication and (free) dissemination of the sexual abuse prevention booklet to send their contributions to:

Bright Beginnings
c/o Mr. Michael Stein
377 Broadway, 9th floor
N.Y., N.Y. 10013

Please make checks payable to Bright Beginnings and indicate on the stub that the funds are dedicated for the abuse prevention booklet, should you wish them to be designated for that purpose.

Thank you for your interest and may Hashem grant us our most fervent wish – that all His children realize their fullest potential.

Yakov Horowitz

I recently spent a few minutes on the phone with Rabbi Horowitz. I found him to be credible. More than that, he seems to be a very good man. For those of you interested in funding haredi projects (against my often-stated advice), perhaps this project is worthy of your attention and support.



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Good News For The 9 Days

Ynet has a remarkable report on haredim who, while not fighting in the army, take this war very seriously:

“More than 50 years ago the ultra-orthodox community said ‘you fight and we’ll pray'”, said a staff member at the prime minister’s office this week, also a close aid of the former prime minister Ariel Sharon.

“It’s true that they were always criticized about this, but on the other hand, they really do stand by their part of the agreement. They don’t try to dodge the commitment they took upon themselves. Utra-orthodox worshippers pray because they truly believe that that’s what will help, and perhaps we need someone to do it.”

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef told his followers to cancel their traditional summer vacations (scheduled to begin next week) and to use the time to learn:

“We’re all experiencing these troubled times, what’s a vacation? We have to study the Torah. With the help of the Torah god will save us. We have to strengthen those who are endangering their lives,” said the rabbi.

Perhaps not as good as mass enlistment, but still a very welcome and much-needed effort.


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A Purim Samayach to you all.


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Chabad At Its Best

Chabad has a tremendous new project called the Tefillin Bank, which provides new tefillin to any (male) Jew who wants and needs them.

What YU, Modern Orthodoxy and haredim will never understand is how much good will projects like this buy. Because these groups do little (and many do nothing) to help Jews outside their groups, Jews outside of the Orthodox world don’t care about them. And not caring about translates into not listening to the advice of the leaders of the Orthodox world. And that translates into a world Judaism dominated by Chabad – including its "second coming" doctrine – probably within the next 20 years.

This – and the refusal of the Orthodox world to do anything about it, either to reach out with love, or to fight Chabad’s deviant theology – is the greatest indictment of Orthodox leaders like YU’s Hershal Schachter and Agudath Israel’s Novominsker Rebbe – and of Orthodoxy itself – possible.


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Next Supermodel May Be Ethiopian Jew


According to the London Telegraph, the world’s next supermodel may be an Ethiopian Jew:

Esti Mamo has moved on from the mud hut where she was born in eastern Ethiopia to Paris modelling studios and her face adorns the pages of magazines such as Elle and Vogue.

Nicknamed the Queen of Sheba by her agent, Miss Mamo flies to New York next week hoping to join the supermodel ranks and leave behind the racism suffered by Falashas in Israel.

The discrimination leads to joblessness, drug-taking and domestic violence. Miss Mamo’s brother killed himself last year, a death she blames on an inherently flawed welfare system.

"Ours is a very traditional society in Ethiopia," she said, "but once you come to Israel the hierarchy begins to break down.

"There are few jobs for Ethiopians so a jobless father loses status in the community and family. That can develop into domestic violence with children no longer respecting their parents.

"Sadly for Ethiopians living in Israel there is no shortage of tragedies."

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Maccabi Tel-Aviv Beats NBA’s Raptors

Maccabi Tel-Aviv has beaten the NBA’s Toronto Raptors in Toronto. Score: 105 – 103.


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Gemar Chatima Tova

A gemar chatima tova to you all. Have an easy fast …

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