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Video Of Abandoned Rubashkin Mill

WFMZ TV has video of Rabbi Moshe Rubashkin’s burned out, long abandoned Allentown, PA mill.

Here’s the money quote:

[City council person Gail] Hoover says in a perfect world the owner of this building would pay to fix the problem … but he’s nowhere to be found.

Ever thought of looking in Brooklyn?



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Flap Over Israel Organ Donations – How Haredim Prevent Lifesaving Transplants

The Jerusalem Post reports:

…Ninety of the Knessets 120 members were persuaded over several months by Knesset Labor, Social Affairs and Health Committee chairman MK Shaul Yahalom to sign a potential organ donor card distributed by the ADI organization. The other 30, most of them secular, refused for "personal or family" reasons, while haredi and other religious MKs declined mostly for "religious reasons."

Health Minister Dan Naveh said that only 4 percent of the population, or 270,000 Israelis, bear an ADI organ donor card. Every year, an average of 100 patients die for lack of a donor organ, and 100 more suffer a deterioration in their health while waiting in the queue.

Tel Aviv University biomedical ethics expert Prof. Amos Shapira said he opposed compensation for live organ donors because it would be "unjustified and unethical as long as organ donations from cadavers did not reach their potential. It would give legitimacy to people to harm themselves. It is clear that these donations would come from the poor." Shapira added that such compensation would not wipe out the black market in organs. "I am in favor of incentives for organ donation from cadavers. Families who donated their loved one’s organs should have priority in receiving organs, and money can be given in the form of participation in funeral expenses or a discount in health taxes," he said.

But Shmuel Yelenick, a Hebrew University legal expert, said that he favored compensation to live donors as well as families of deceased donors because of the many people who die waiting for an organ donation.

Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Halperin, the Health Ministry’s chief medical ethics adviser and a physician, said that while saving lives was a major commandment, one may not kill someone to save a life. He added that the Chief Rabbinate was unwilling to encourage the signing of ADI cards as long as proper supervision and setting down conditions for removing organs was not agreed upon. Halperin said that the Chief Rabbinate took this position when Prof. Avinoam Reches, a senior Hadassah University Medical Center neurologist, withdrew his consent for a representative of the rabbinate to be involved in this supervision.

Of course, what Rabbi Dr. Halperin fails to mention is the original dispute goes back to the halakhic definition of death. Rabbi Moshe Feinstein considered brain stem death to be halakhic death. Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Aurebach, influenced by ‘medical advisors’ (Rabbi Halperin among them?) who misrepresented brain stem death and the procedures necessary to confirm it, originally ruled against accepting brain stem death as halakhic death. When confronted with evidence of his ‘medical advisors’ malfeasance, Rabbi Auerbach retracted. That retraction was not published by Rabbi Auerbach before his death and was not published by his handlers after it. However, a copy of Rabbi Auerbach’s retraction was published by Rabbi Feinstein’s family.

R_2As might be expected, Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv opposes equating brain stem death with halakhic death. Like his rulings on the Rabbi Slifkin Ban, Indian-hair wigs, etc., Rabbi Elyashiv’s reasoning is based on bad information – information that Rabbi Elyashiv surely knows to be flawed. But the evil one of Mea Shearim consistently refuses to correct his mistakes and has proven himself to be far less than honest.

So more people will die waiting for organs. What a holy man.


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The NY Times On the Resurgence Of Mikvah Use

The New York Times has a piece on the resurgence of mikvah use in America:

The effort to revive mikvahs has been largely motivated by a mandate from Rebbe Menachem M. Schneerson, of the Lubavitch movement, who died in 1994. He assigned rabbinical emissaries to set up Jewish communities worldwide and directed them to build mikvahs and promote their use. Now there are mikvahs in places like Anchorage, Bangkok and Bogota, Colombia, Rabbi Shmotkin said.

Funny, isn’t it, that, according to the NY Times, non-Chabad Orthodox Jews play no role in mikvah resurgence. I guess the kollel movement and Modern Orthodoxy need to hire a PR firm.


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World Organization For Animal Health (OIE) Adopts Standards On Animal Welfare – Including Shechita

The 167-member OIE has adopted standards on animal welfare:

Standards on animal welfare, included in 4 chapters, were adopted (i.e. slaughter for human consumption, including religious slaughter; land and sea transport of animals; humane killing of animals for disease control purposes). For the 1st time, an organisation with a global mandate provides the international community with standards in this field.

The standards went into effect at the conclusion of the 73rd General Session on Friday, May 27, 2005.

Details to follow shortly.

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Small Kosher Veal Slaughterhouse Loses Big Contract Over Failed Animal Welfare Audit – Slaughterhouse Used Shackle And Hoist Hanging Shechita

From Kosher Today:

SYSCO Pulls License from Veal Producer Over Kosher Slaughter
(Brooklyn) Atlantic Veal, a 50-year old Brooklyn-based producer of veal with a slaughterhouse in Ohio, has lost its license to do business with SYSCO, the world s largest foodservice company, after an auditor failed the company because of its kosher production at the plant. Kosher Today has learned that Atlantic had acceded to SYSCO’S request for an audit based on animal welfare standards of the American Meat Institute, which includes the recommendation that head restraints [i.e., the ASPCA pen designed by Temple Grandin] be used in the kosher slaughter of veal. The USDA supervised plant, which occasionally produces kosher and halal meat, uses the hanging method of schechita without the restraints, which a company spokesman says follows the religious dictum for slaughter by the religious authorities supervising the plant. Atlantic received a 100% rating from the auditor until he discovered the kosher slaughter. To the company, the! loss of the estimated $7 million in business is devastating, especially since SYSCO was not buying the kosher production and the kosher processed foods were in full compliance with USDA regulations and religious law. Food sources say that Atlantic is determined to win back the business that it had lost from the large foodservice company. SYSCO – an acronym for Systems and Services Company – reported $29.3 billion in sales in fiscal year 2004.


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Official Chabad News Service Lies About Fire Inspection Flap, Endangerment Of Children, Violation Of City Health And Safety Laws

The Lubavitch News Service has published Chabad’s official spin on NYC’s closure of a Chabad daycare center for health and fire code violations:

…[N]ormal naptime at the preschool had been disturbed by an intrusive
contingent of firefighters and city officials who came prodding and
poking their way into classrooms in search of building and code
violations. Turns out all that was missing was a Certificate of
Occupancy, which is now being processed.…

[A]s five year olds sang “G-d Bless America,” practicing for their upcoming preschool graduation, four fully uniformed firefighters entered the classrooms. Without asking permission of the teachers, city building inspectors strode into the five-year-olds’ room to snap pictures of the classroom layout.

ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, New York Channel One, among other news media, swarmed the school, blocking traffic with their satellite news vans, to get the scoop on what turned out to be a slow news day. The fire chief’s trucks and several police cars parked around the school added to the drama. Reporters hounded parents as they picked up their children at the 3:00 p.m. dismissal.…

While local news broadcasts carried melodramatic reports about the shut down, smartly attired Staten Islanders dined on a smorgasbord of puff pastries, Israeli food, and carving board meats to inaugurate Chabad’s new building.

Here is the truth Chabad does not report:

  1. Fire inspectors had initially inspected the site weeks ago during Passover.
  2. Chabad did not have a license.
  3. Chabad told the fire inspectors they didn’t have the
    license on hand because it was Passover.
  4. When the Fire Department revisited the daycare center, they quickly learned there
    was no Health Department license to run a day-care center at Harold
  5. Chabad’s building had no sprinkler system and insufficient fire exits.

In other words:

  1. Chabad lied to city officials.
  2. Chabad endangered children.
  3. Chabad is now lying to cover up its previous lies.

Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky controls the day-to-day operation of Chabad worldwide and is the man who controls the Lubavitch News Service. Let NYC try him, his chief aids and Rabbi Moshe Katzman, the daycare center’s director, with reckless endangerment of minors and intentional violation of fire and safety codes.

The haredi and Chabad worlds need to be taught a lesson, and the city’s children need to be protected.

Mayor Bloomberg, will you act? Or will you cover for an important voting block – a voting block you are very close to?

Continue reading


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Washington Times On Bnei Menashe Aliya

Bnei_menashe… When Shlomo Amar, the Sephardic chief rabbi, announced recently in Jerusalem that he accepted the Bnei Menashe as one of the 10 "lost tribes" of Israel, Mr. Singson began to believe that God had finally smiled on him.…

When news of the March 29 announcement of Israel’s recognition of their tribe reached Bnei Menashe villages spread across the two hill states of northeast India, people erupted in celebration.

"It is the greatest gift from God in my life. I never believed that He could be so kind to me so soon," said Rakhel, 21, who dreams of emigrating to Israel with her four brothers, two sisters and parents and working as a nanny there.

At special thanksgiving prayers as Bnei Menashes flocked to 32 synagogues across northeast India, community leaders said the tribe had become closer to Israel after rabbinical recognition.

"This recognition clearly means we have got into the process to return to our homeland [Israel], ending our 2,726-year exodus," said Mr. Singson, who is chairman of the Beth Shalom synagogue in Churachandpur.

On April 23, as Jews around the world celebrated Passover — their departure led by Moses from slavery in Egypt in the 13th century B.C. — Bnei Menashes in India celebrated the holy day with unprecedented enthusiasm, believing that it was their last in "a foreign land."

Read it all here.

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