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Falash Mura In Tiberias Bomb Shelter; Are We Too Much Concerned About “Ni@g@rs”?

Newly arrived Falash Mura from Ethiopia are assigned to a hostel in Tiberias. They’ve spent much of the last three weeks in the hostel’s bomb shelter, but are not complaining. The CBC reports:

Yayesh Aitagl, who arrived with her husband and daughter 15 months ago, said she is scared, even though the staff at the hostel help by showing them what to do.

Her husband, Truye, worked as a driver in Ethiopia and confesses that he didn’t expect this when he came to Israel.

“No, I didn’t think it would like this,” he said. “I am surprised, but I think it will all work out all right in the end. After all, it isn’t targeted at us, we are only going through what all the Jewish people are going through.”

Meanwhile, a haredi commenter who calls himself moshe kaufman left a series of comments today critical of this blog and most of our readers. This particular comment (left today on a post posted months ago) encapsulates his worldview:

stop slandering the names of reb elyashiv and reb chaim kaniveskiwho

are two of the holiest people on earth or you will find yourselves

sliding donw the slipery slope straight to hell faster thatn you can

say 1,2,3 you sick freaks i mean don’t you have ANYTHING better to do

with you’re time you guys afe such losers if that’s all you have time

to do is this stupid shit oh yeah and STOP SCREAMING ABOUT THE FUCKING

you’re jewish brothers and sisters are being killed

by hamas in israel and you still won’t shut up about those STUPID


Such a wonderful American yeshiva education on display. I’ll bet you make your rosh yeshiva very proud.



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Edah Journal To Continue

From an Edah email:

1. Yeshivat Chovevei Torah (YCT) is absorbing the Journal, the website

and the audio-visual library. We are still discussing with them whether and

how the name of Edah will survive on any or all of these programs. Those

decisions will be based on administrative needs, and ideological issues will

not inform the matter. Dr. Eugene Korn will continue to serve as the editor

of the Journal in conjunction and cooperation with members of the YCT


2. Edah at the JCC will continue to be offered for an additional year.

Here too, the continued use of the Edah name is under discussion.

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David Klinghoffer On Mel Gibson

Steven I. Weiss asks Discovery Institute fellow and Forward columnist David Klinghoffer about Mel Gibson’s antisemitic outburst:

Booze goes in, truth comes out. Yes, it does seem that Gibson has an anti-Semitism problem as of this past weekend. What we don’t and can’t know is whether, if he’d got drunk three years ago and been pulled over for DUI by Malibu cops, he’d also have delivered a disgusting anti-Semitic rant. Is it possible that he wasn’t an anti-Semite before making the Passion, but that the continual and deeply personal attacks on him from the ADL and the

rest of the Jewish establishment affected his feelings about Jews? Yes, I would say that’s possible …

Could Gibson have become antisemitic because of Abe Foxman and Rabbi Marvin Hier? Sure, in theory this is possible, but unprovable. And because it cannot be proved, it cannot be disproved. Gibson may be a johnny-come-lately to Jew-hatred, and one day a pig may fly. Until then, the words of Christopher Hitchens win the day:

[T]he difference between the blood-alcohol levels—and indeed the speed limits—that occasioned the booking are insufficient to explain the expletives…One does not abruptly decide, between the first and second vodka, or the ticks of the indicator of velocity, that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are valid after all.…

Gibson is a pig, and he has not left ground.

Like Michael Medved, Klinghoffer is a disciple of Rabbi Daniel Lapin.


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Christopher Hitchens On Mel Gibson

From today’s Slate:

And it has been obvious for some time to the most meager intelligence that he is sick to his empty core with Jew-hatred. This is not just proved by his twistedly homoerotic spank-movie The Passion of the Christ …

[T]he difference between the blood-alcohol levels—and indeed the speed limits—that occasioned the booking are insufficient to explain the expletives…One does not abruptly decide, between the first and second vodka, or the ticks of the indicator of velocity, that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are valid after all.…

No, he spoke his “mind,” and in case anyone wants to burble about political correctness, it should be added that he spoke this way because of his religion, not just his warped personality. Let him keep the fortune he made from a pogrom movie…there was another touch of in vino veritas when he tearfully told the cops that “my life is f—ed,” and this inadvertent truth ought to be remembered in all charity as the last words we ever want to hear from him.

[Hat tip: Professor Gershon M. Ahmed.]

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Mel Gibson, Rabbi Daniel Lapin and Michael Medved

Now that we know Mel Gibson is an antisemite, one must wonder what Michael Medved, the Rabbi Daniel Lapin acolyte and Salem Radio talk show host (and, therefore, columnist), will do with Gibson’s Jew problem. Lapin has been a shill for the Christian right for years, as has Medved. Medved was a big supporter of Gibson’s during the controversy over the Passion, as was Lapin. Will Medved handle this honestly? Will Lapin? Or will they find a way to shill for Gibson?

The smart money is on an effluence of snake oil.

UPDATE: I wrote four months ago:

Several years ago, WorldVision launched a campaign to aid those hurt by suicide bombing and terrorist attacks in Israel. The radio commercial had bombs exploding, sirens wailing. Where was the money going? To the West Bank and Gaza, and only to Arabs. I asked WorldVision why. A spokesperson responded by saying (I paraphrase) that WorldVision helps the most at need. Jews can take care of themselves. The Arabs cannot. I asked about the morality of using terror attacks against Jews to raise money for Arabs. Terror hurts both sides, was the response.

The Salem Radio Network had a joint campaign with WorldVision to fund this very project. Ads for it ran during both the Dennis Prager and Michael Medved shows. In effect, both shows raised money for the extended families of suicide bombers. I contacted both hosts and explained the problem. Both wanted details that involved many hours of research. I did that research (without pay) and sent the information to Prager and Medved. Prager banned all ads for that WorldVision campaign from running during his show. But what did Medved, whose rabbi-guru is Lapin, do? He increased the ads and began endorsing that very WorldVision project.


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Doctors of Death

From the July 21, 2006 Wall Street Journal:

A medical resident — we called her “Dr. Death” — at the Intensive Care Unit at Long Island’s North Shore Hospital chased us down the hallway.

“Your husband wants to die,” she told my mother, again. Just minutes before I had asked her to leave us alone.

“He can’t even talk,” I reminded her.

“He motioned with his hands when we tried to put in the feeding tube,” she said.

… A new resident appeared the next day, this one a bit more diplomatic but again urging us to allow my father to “die with dignity.” And the next day came yet another, who opened with the words, “We’re getting mixed messages from your family… [My father] was not in a “persistent vegetative state” (itself a phrase subject to broad interpretation), that magic point at which family members are required to pull the plug — or risk the accusation that they are right-wing Christians.

I complained about all the death-with-dignity pressure to my father’s doctor, an Orthodox Jew, who said that his religion forbids the termination of care but that he would be perfectly willing to “look the other way” if we wanted my father to die. We didn’t. Then a light bulb went off in my head. We could devise a strategy to fend off the death-happy residents: We would tell them we were Orthodox Jews.

My little ruse worked. During the few days after I announced this faux fact, it was as though an invisible fence had been drawn around my mother, my sister and me.…

Though my father was born to an Orthodox Jewish family, he is an avowed atheist who long ago had rejected his parents’ ways. As I sat in the ICU…the irony struck me: My father, who had long ago rejected Orthodox Judaism, was now under its protection.

As though to confirm this, there came a series of miracles. Just a week after he was rushed to ICU, my father was pronounced well enough to be moved out of the unit … A day later he was off the respirator…He still mostly slept, but then he began to awaken for minutes at a time… A day later, we walked in to find him sitting upright in a chair, reading the New York Times.

I’ve never been one of those Jews who makes facial contortions at the mere mention of the Christian Right; I actually agree with them on some matters. And this experience with my father has given me a new appreciation for the fight many evangelicals have waged against euthanasia.

I would add Agudath Israel of America and the RCA have done some very good work on this as well. So have Dr. Fred Rosner, Marvin Schick, Rabbi Dr. Moshe Tendler, and Rabbi Dr. J. David Bleich.

[Hat tip: Professor Gershon M. Ahmed.]


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Help Still Needed

I still need a copy of the Beit Yitzchak Journal, 5746. Any help in this regard will be much appreciated. Thank you!

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