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“Marina, I Love You So Much”

This is what Vladimir Putin really is. Read it, all of it, both pages. And remember, Chabad helped put that monster in power and helps keep him there.



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The Russian Dark Ages

The Jewish Week writes in an unsigned editorial:

… Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to consolidate his power and snuff out feeble flickers of democracy. Dissent is dangerous, a fact that may underlie the bizarre case of former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko, fatally poisoned in London with a rare radioactive substance, only weeks after the murder of a fearless journalist who wrote of trauma in Chechnya. [And now, another Putin critic has apparently been poisoned.] And with it, ultra-nationalism is on the rise, inevitably producing a rise in anti-Semitic incidents.

Right now, the primary targets of the ascendant ultra-nationalists are people from Central Asia and the Caucusus, but it would be folly to assume that Russia’s Jews will somehow be immune.

A Russia swimming in oil and gas profits wants to play a bigger role on the world scene, but more often than not, Putin’s foreign policy contributes to conflict and instability, not peace.

Russia, a major supplier of nuclear technology to Tehran, continues to thwart international efforts to slow that country’s quest for nuclear weapons. The surface-to-air missiles Russia is sending to Iran might someday be used to shoot down American or Israeli planes seeking to achieve what diplomacy failed to do.

A battered, beset Bush administration has been too willing to ignore Russia’s descent from democracy and its increasingly disruptive role on the international scene. That needs to change — for the sake of U.S. interests around the world and for the minorities that will inevitably suffer if Russia returns to the traditionally toxic mix of authoritarian rule and ultra-nationalism.

Only a handful of Jewish groups — led by NCSJ, a human rights group dealing with the former Soviet Union — are closely following ominous developments in Russia. That, too, needs to change if we are to protect a large and endangered Russian Jewish community that could be standing at the brink of a new dark age.

And the religious group that gives Vladimir Putin diplomatic and moral cover? Chabad, the very same group of dancing rabbis and cholent eaters so many of you love.


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Vladimir Putin a “Pedophile”?

The Russian dissident assassinated by,it seems, Vladimir Putin’s security services, once accused Putin of being a pedophile. Is Putin? Who knows … So far, there isn’t enough evidence to say. Of course, one dead dissident may have seen to that.

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Putin, Democracy and The Jews

Nathaniel Popper of the Forward writes in the Wall Street Journal:

…"Russia is not ready for a Democratic or Republican or liberal Jewish coalition," said Rabbi Berel Lazar, the chief rabbi of Russia and Mr. Putin’s closest friend in the Jewish leadership. "Russia is a different mindset–a different history, different tradition. In Russia, Jews should not be involved in politics."

Such self-censorship has not always been the rule in the post-Soviet era. In 1996, the Jewish media oligarch Vladimir Gusinsky helped found the Russian Jewish Congress as a voice for the 500,000 Jews of Russia. Mr. Gusinsky was accused of bringing his own political battles into his Jewish work, but he was not afraid to speak out about the Russian government’s policies toward Israel or its policies toward Chechnya. Perhaps more important, the Russian Jewish Congress sparred with other Jewish groups about the proper positions to take. There was, in short, debate.

Then, in 2000, Mr. Gusinsky was arrested and forced to flee the country. Like oil magnate Mikhail Khodorkovsky a few years later, Mr. Gusinsky was accused of financial wrongdoing, but opposing Mr. Putin was seen by many as the real crime. The new oligarchs who took over the funding of the Russian Jewish Congress were noticeably silent on the Kremlin’s policies. It was obviously bad for business.

The changes at the congress were not the only shift caused by Kremlin intervention. For a number of years after the fall of communism, Russia had multiple "chief rabbis," representing different Jewish traditions. In 2002, this custom changed when Mr. Putin signaled that he would only deal with one of these rabbis, Berel Lazar, as the official chief. Whatever the reason–and it is hotly disputed–Mr. Putin’s intervention has effectively shut out the other voices of community, leaving only the overwhelmingly friendly proclamations of Rabbi Lazar and the Russian Jewish Congress.

That Jewish organizations avoid criticizing Mr. Putin does not mean, however, that there are no Jewish people in the opposition. Alexander Osovtsov, the staff director of the Russian Jewish Congress under Mr. Gusinsky, joined the pro-democracy movement. His first job was with the Open Russia Foundation, which was shut down after its leader’s arrest. Now he is with Another Russia, a group that trains opposition leaders.

Mr. Osovtsov says that his years at the Russian Jewish Congress were hopeful ones, but an outspoken, independent Jewish organization is now impossible. It could function normally, he says, "only if there is a minimal degree of freedom in the country. That doesn’t exist anymore."

It does not exist because Chabad under the leadership of a thug named Berel Lazar and his financial backer Lev Leviev helped Putin with his "Guzinsky problem" and in return became the "exclusive" voice of Russia’s Jews. This anti-democratic thuggery is truly what Chabad is about. The dancing rabbis are simply PR, a fundraising tool.

[Hat Tip: Dr. G. Mendel.]

Meanwhile, the Russian dissident poisoned, it seems, by Vladimir Putin’s thugs has died in London. [Hat Tip for this bit of sad news: Yisroel.]

To read the long, sad tale of Chabad’s Russian evildoings, click here and start reading from the bottom of the page.

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Leading Critic of Vladimir Putin Poisoned In London

It seems Chabad’s dear friend Vladimir Putin has tried to kill another opponent of his regime, this time by poison in London, apparently during a meeting where he got these documents:

[W]hich claimed to name Ms Politkovskaya’s killers. According to the papers, she was murdered by four members of President Vladimir Putin’s federal security service, known as the FSB.

Meanwhile, 3000 Chabad emissaries and their rich supporters will have a festive meal in New Jersey. Among them will be Putin’s dear friend, the man who provides Putin with a "moral fig leaf," Chabad’s own "chief rabbi of Russia" Berel Lazar.

Will Lazar be challenged over his unqualified support of Putin? Will pro-democracy Chabad emissaries push for change? Of course not. And this is the problem with Chabad in a nutshell.

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Chabad’s Chief Rabbi of Russia: Stop Talking About Democratic Rights of Minorities, Gays Parade “Dirty, Insulting, Indecent,” Gays, “Not Quite Sure They Are Normal”

Interfax reports:

Moscow, November 8, Interfax – Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar identified with a distinctive negative reaction of the Orthodox Jews in Israel to gay parade planned in Jerusalem on November 10.

‘One should see that the only object of this parade is to make a PR action, which is dirty, insulting and indecent,’ Lazar said in his interview to Interfax.

He thinks that the constantly displayed wish of sexual minorities to publicly demonstrate their way of life shows ‘uncertainty about their case, if not an inferiority complex, as they are not quite sure whether they are normal and badly need public recognition.’

They say they hold their parade so that people can understand them. Yet it would be much better if they learn to understand the feelings of other people first and then demand understanding,’ the interviewee is convinced.

The insulting of the feelings of believers as a main purpose of gay parade in Jerusalem ‘will certainly be achieved. In this case one should stop taking about the freedom of self-expression and democratic right of minorities.’ Such is the view of the chief rabbi of Russia.

Chabad’s ‘chief rabbi’ of Russia should be removed immediately.

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Putin on Katsav: Powerful! Raped 10 Women! We All Envy Him!

Vladimir Putin, the neo-Stalinist thug who runs Russia, has this to say about Israel’s embattled president, Moshe Katsav:

President Vladimir Putin made joking references to the sexual assault accusations against Israeli President Moshe Katsav during a meeting with the visiting Israeli prime minister in remarks that shocked longtime Kremlin-watchers.

A Kremlin spokesman said Friday that Putin’s meaning had been lost in translation from Russian to English.
As Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met with the Russian leader in an ornate reception room in the Kremlin on Wednesday, reporters overheard Putin tell him: "Say hello to your president. He really surprised us."

The microphones were then cut off, but a member of the Israeli delegation told The Associated Press that Putin went on to say of Katsav: "I met him. He didn’t look like a guy who could be with 10 women."

The Israeli ambassador quipped, "It seems like he’s envious of him," and Olmert told his host: "I wouldn’t envy him," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak with the press.

Russia’s Kommersant daily conveyed a more graphic version of the conversation, quoting Putin as saying: "He turns out to be a really powerful guy! He raped 10 women!" It also quoted Putin himself as saying "We all envy him."

Earlier this week, Israeli police recommended that Katsav be charged with rape, aggravated sexual assault and misconduct after women who once worked for him filed complaints. The 60-year-old has denied any wrongdoing but the scandal has rocked Israel and sparked calls for his resignation from the largely ceremonial post…

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